Kosciusko Bicycle-Only Campground

Picnic table and tent pad at the Kosciusko Bicycle only campground.

A tent pad and picnic table at the Kosciusko bicycle-only campground.

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The Kosciusko bicycle-only campground at milepost 159 provides picnic tables, water, tent pads, fire grates, and a pit toilet. The Kosciusko Information Center restrooms (located one half mile north of the campground) are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, except for holidays.

To find the campground, turn west on the road marked District Ranger Office, just south of the Kosciusko Information Center. Follow the road to a gated area. Outside the gate, to the left, you will find a sign with a tent symbol and arrow directing you to the camping area.

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