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    National Mall & Memorial Parks

    District of Columbia

Your Safety

Visitors to the National Mall and Memorial Parks and the Nation's Capital will find a clean, safe environment for recreation, tourism, and family activities. Please be mindful of that fact that Washington, D.C. is an urban area. For your safety and that of your belongings:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Carry wallets, purses, and backpacks in a safe and secure manner
  • Keep your backpacks, cameras, et cetera with you at all times
  • Secure vehicle doors and windows
  • Store valuables out of sight in your vehicle trunk

Park Rangers, U.S. Park Police, and security guards staff the major memorials throughout the daylight and evening hours, so please consult them if you have any difficulty or concerns.

Did You Know?


President Wilson saw Lt. George Boyle off on the first U.S. air mail flight, which left from a field behind the present-day FDR Memorial. After going the wrong way for over 20 miles, Boyle crashed his Curtiss Jenny in a Maryland farm field. On his second attempt, Boyle crashed again. Though Boyle survived, he was not permitted a third attempt.