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Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Schedule: Construction underway Completion anticipated August, 2012
Location: Between World II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

Goals of project:

• Replace leaking concrete pool on new pilings to bedrock
• Retain existing coping stones of pool
• Install systems for drawing water from Tidal Basin rather than from city drinking water, and for cleaning and re-circulating the water
• Install sidewalks adjacent to the pool in place of existing dirt paths
• Resurface North and South Elm Walks and install new lights and benches
• Complete the perimeter security for the Lincoln Memorial at the west end of the pool
• Improve accessibility from the pool level to the Memorial Plaza level

Impacts/opportunities for visitor to consider:

• Construction vehicles enter and exit on Independence Avenue
• Pedestrian access is limited to either the North Elm Walk or the South Elm Walk, depending on the phase of work.
• While the pool is closed and the reflection of the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the pool is temporarily not available, an interesting view of the historic rebuilding project is available from three sides.
• Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Veterans and Vietnam Veterans Memorials will remain open throughout the construction project.

Funding: ARRA funding, $30.7 M
Contractor: Corman Construction, Inc.

Did You Know?


President Wilson saw Lt. George Boyle off on the first U.S. air mail flight, which left from a field behind the present-day FDR Memorial. After going the wrong way for over 20 miles, Boyle crashed his Curtiss Jenny in a Maryland farm field. On his second attempt, Boyle crashed again. Though Boyle survived, he was not permitted a third attempt.