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DC War Memorial

DC War Memorial

Schedule: Construction underway Completion anticipated June, 2011
Location: North side of Independence Avenue between the World II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

Goals of project:

• Restore the memorial, including cleaning, extensive re-pointing, and preservation treatment to all marble features
• Replace the bluestone walks to the memorial
• Restore the landscape to the original design intent
• Improve site drainage and lighting

Impacts to consider:

• Construction vehicles enter and exit on Independence Avenue.
• Construction may be dusty or noisy at times.
• Memorial is closed to visitors, but can be viewed from sidewalk on Independence Ave.

Funding: ARRA funding, $3.6 M
Contractor: Forrester Construction

Did You Know?


Flash! Boom! Sparkle! Independence Day is a popular annual tradition at the National Mall and Memorial Parks, drawing thousands to view spectacular fireworks and rousing live entertainment.