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DC War Memorial

DC War Memorial

Schedule: Construction underway Completion anticipated June, 2011
Location: North side of Independence Avenue between the World II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

Goals of project:

• Restore the memorial, including cleaning, extensive re-pointing, and preservation treatment to all marble features
• Replace the bluestone walks to the memorial
• Restore the landscape to the original design intent
• Improve site drainage and lighting

Impacts to consider:

• Construction vehicles enter and exit on Independence Avenue.
• Construction may be dusty or noisy at times.
• Memorial is closed to visitors, but can be viewed from sidewalk on Independence Ave.

Funding: ARRA funding, $3.6 M
Contractor: Forrester Construction

Did You Know?


The formal National Mall is the strip of green space between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. The area of the park west of 17th Street that incorporates the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and other memorials, is formally West Potomac Park.