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[Page 58893]
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Notice of Intent to Repatriate Cultural Items in the Possession
of El Morro National Monument, National Park Service, Ramah, NM

AGENCY: National Park Service

ACTION: Notice


    Notice is hereby given under the Native American Graves Protection
and Repatriation Act, 25 U.S.C. 3005 (a)(2), of the intent to
repatriate a cultural item in the possession of El Morro National
Monument, National Park Service, Ramah, NM, which meets the definition
of ``sacred objects'' under Section 2 of the Act.
    The five items consist of a hide wrapper, 6 3/4'' wide with
buckskin drawstring 2'' from the top, one green prayer stone, one chert
projectile point, one six-sided crystal, and one deer dewclaw.
    In 1965, these items were purchased by the National Park Service
from Mr. Eugene Lambson of Ramah, NM, who had purchased the bundle and
its contents from the widow of Ba Na Thlooh, a Navajo medicine man.
    Ms. Mary Tom, Ba Na Thlooh's daughter, has identified these items
as necessary for the continued practice of traditional Navajo religion
by present-day adherents and has claimed them as a lineal descendent.
Representatives of the Navajo Nation and traditional Navajo religious
leaders confirm that these items are needed by Ba Na Thlooh's
descendants for on-going ceremonial and religious traditions.
    Based on the above-mentioned information, officials of the National
Park Service have determined that, pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (3)(C),
these five cultural items are specific ceremonial objects needed by
traditional Native American religious leaders for the practice of
traditional Native American religions by their present-day adherents.
Officials of the National Park Service have also determined, pursuant
to 25 U.S.C. 3005 (a)(5)(A), that Ms. Mary Tom is the direct lineal
descendant of the individual who owned these sacred objects.
    This notice has been sent to Ms. Mary Tom and officials of the
Navajo Nation. Representatives of any other Indian tribe that believes
itself to be culturally affiliated with these objects should contact
John Lujan, Superintendent, El Morro National Monument, Rt. 2, Box 43,
Ramah, NM 87321, telephone (505) 783094226 before December 19, 1996.
Repatriation of these objects to Ms. Mary Tom may begin after that date
if no additional claimants come forward.
Dated: November 12, 1996.
Richard C. Waldbauer,
Acting Departmental Consulting Archeologist,Archeology and Ethnography
[FR Doc. 96-29523 Filed 11-18-96; 8:45 am]
BILLING CODE 4310097009F

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