Federal Register  / Vol. 60 No.  128 / Wednesday, July  5, 1995 /
          Notices                                        Page 35047 & 35048


          National Park Service

          Notice  of Intent  to  Repatriate Native  American  Items in  the

          Possession of the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover,


          AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION: Notice


          Notice  is hereby  given  in accordance  with  provisions of  the

          Native American  Graves Protection  and Repatriation Act  of 1990

          (25 U.S.C. 3001  et seq.)  of the intent  to repatriate  cultural

          items that are currently in the possession of  the Hood Museum of

          Art at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, and meet the definition of

          "sacred  object"  and "object  of  cultural  patrimony" under  25

          U.S.C. 3001.

          Two items are covered by this notice.  The first item, identified

          by the catalog number 46.17.10084 is  a 22 cm. long,  hand carved

          wooden  cylinder with a shouldered conical point.  Tied under the

          shoulder  with  a white  cotton cord  are  three brown  and white

          feathers with some red pigment added.  At about the mid-point  of

          the cylinder are five large brown and white feathers, a miniature

          red  bow and two  red arrows, two small  shells, five small white

          downy feathers, three  small blue feathers, and a circular wooden

          rim webbed with white cord.

          The second item, 46.17.10085, is similar to the first but differs

          in some of the specific  details.  The wooden cylinder is  44 cms

          long, has a shouldered tip, and there are four downy feathers and

          two small blue ones attached at the mid-point.

          Both items were collected in 1903 at the Zuni Pueblo by Frank and

          Clara Churchill.  Frank Churchill was a Special Federal Inspector

          of  Indian Schools  who  bequeathed his  collection to  Dartmouth

          College in 1946.

          After  reviewing  the  written  and   photographic  documentation

          provided  by the museum, the Zuni Cultural Advisory Team, made up

          of traditional religious leaders, identified both items as prayer

          sticks.  The Team  determined that the items described  above are

          culturally  affiliated with  the Zuni  Tribe and  they are  to be

          associated with  the Ahayu:da  or Twin  Gods. The Team  indicated

          that if  they are not in  their rightful shrine home  on the Zuni

          Reservation, they  have been illegally  removed.  Pursuant  to 25

          U.S.C. 3005 the Governor of the Pueblo of  Zuni, on behalf of the

          religious leaders and Tribal  Council, has formally requested the

          repatriation of the two prayer sticks described above.

          Based on  the above mentioned information, officials  of the Hood

          Museum  have determined  that, pursuant  to 25  U.S.C. 3001  (2),

          there is a  relationship of  shared group identity  which can  be

          reasonably traced  between the  prayer sticks  and the Pueblo  of

          Zuni.  Officials of the Hood Museum have also determined that the

          prayer sticks meet the definition of sacred object pursuant to 25

          U.S.C.  3001 (3)(C).  The Hood Museum  of Art has no objection to

          this request.

          Authorities of  the United States Fish and  Wildlife Service have

          been  contacted  regarding  applicability  of  Federal endangered

          species  statutes to  this  transfer and  have  concurred in  the

          conclusion that the objects are not covered due to their age.

          This notice  has been sent  to officials of  the Pueblo of  Zuni.

          Representatives of any other Indian tribe that believes itself to

          be culturally affiliated with  these prayer sticks should contact

          Kellen G.  Haak,  Registrar and  Repatriation  Coordinator,  Hood

          Museum of  Art, Dartmouth  College, Hanover, NH  03755, telephone

          (603) 646-3109 before August 4, 1995.   Repatriation  of these

          prayer sticks to the Pueblo of Zuni may begin after  that date if

          no additional claimants come forward.

          Dated:  June 29, 1995

          Veletta Canouts

          Acting Departmental Consulting Archeologist and

          Acting Chief, Archeological Assistance Division

          [FR Doc. 95-16402 ; Filed 7-3-95; 8:45 am]

          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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