Federal Register / Vol. 60 No. 22 / Thursday, February  2, 1995 /
          Notices                                                 Page 6552


          National Park Service

          Notice  of Intent to Repatriate a Cultural Item in the Possession
          of the Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION:   Notice


          Notice is  hereby given under  provisions of the  Native American
          Graves  Protection   and  Repatriation  Act  of   the  intent  to
          repatriate  cultural  items in  the possession  of the  Museum of
          Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology, a unit of the
          Museum  of New  Mexico,  Santa Fe,  New  Mexico, that  meets  the
          definition of "sacred object" under Section 2 of the Act.

          The item is a prayer stick used as a part of  the Navajo Enemyway
          ceremony.  The object consists of nine parts: two eagle feathers,
          a cedar branch, a piece  of red cloth, a can of  animal fat, deer
          hooves, and  three leather pouches.  The object was a gift to the
          Museum of new Mexico by its first director, Dr. Edgar Lee Hewett.
          These   objects  were   part   of  a   medicine  bag   containing
          approximately sixty-nine pieces, purchased by Hewett at a trading
          post east of the Chuska Mountains on the Navajo Reservation prior
          to 1935.

          The  Navajo Nation after  consultation with traditional religious
          leaders, requested that the prayer stick and the associated items
          be repatriated.  The Museum's  records indicate the objects under
          consideration  for repatriation  are Navajo  in origin  and were,
          most  likely used  by Navajo  Medicine Men  during the  first two
          decades of the 20th century.  

          Based on the above mentioned information, officials of the Museum
          of Indian  Arts and Culture, a  unit of the Museum  of New Mexico
          have determined, pursuant  to 25 U.S.C.  3001 (3)(C), that  these
          items  are  specific  ceremonial objects  needed  by  traditional
          Navajo religious  leaders for the  practice of their  religion by
          its present day  adherents.   Officials of the  Museum of  Indian
          Arts and Culture, a unit of the Museum of New Mexico have further
          determined,  pursuant  to 25  U.S.C. 3001  (2),  that there  is a
          relationship  of shared  group identity  which can  be reasonably
          traced between these items and the Navajo Nation.

          The  catalog numbered  objects, 23075/12a-g and  23072/12a-b, are
          officially part of the collection now identified as the School of
          American  Research Collection in the Museum of New Mexico, a loan
          agreement  resulting from  fifty  years of  the two  institutions
          operating as one entity under a single Director.  The School, now
          separate  from   the  Museum  of  New   Mexico,  through  written
          correspondence dated January 6, 1995 has agreed to repatriate the
          prayer stick and associated items.

          Authorities of  the United States Fish and  Wildlife Service have
          been  contacted  regarding  applicability of  Federal  endangered
          species  statutes to  this  transfer and  have  concurred in  the
          conclusion that the object is not covered due to its age.          This  notice has  been sent  to officials  of the  Navajo Nation.
          Representatives of  any other Indian tribe  which believes itself
          to  be culturally  affiliated  with these  cultural items  should
          contact Dr. Bruce Bernstein, Chief Curator, Museum of Indian Arts
          and Culture, Museum  of New Mexico, P.O.  Box 2087, Santa Fe,  NM
          87504,   telephone:  (505)  827-6344,   before  March   6,  1995.
          Repatriation  of these  sacred objects to  the Navajo  Nation may
          begin after that date if no additional claimants come forward.

          Dated: January 26, 1995

          Francis P. McManamon
          Departmental Consulting Archeologist,
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR Doc. 95-2539 Filed 2/1/95; 8:45 am]
          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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