Notice of Intent to  Repatriate a Cultural  Item in the Possession  of
          the Denver Art Museum

          AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION: Notice

          Notice is hereby given under the Native American Graves Protection and
          Repatriation Act of 1990  of the intent to repatriate a  cultural item
          in the possession of the Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, that meets the
          definition of "sacred object" under section 2 of the act.

          The Elk Tongue  Beaver Bundle  consists of animal  bodies or skins,  a
          beaver tail,  a buffalo tail, a feather fan, a pipe stem and catlinite
          bowl,  beaded bags,  forked sticks,  split sticks,  and  eight rawhide
          rattles  in  a corn  husk  bag, all  surrounded  by a  painted leather
          wrapping and a red plaid shawl.  The original owner was  Elk Tongue, a
          northern Piegan.   The bundle was  subsequently transferred through  a
          series of bundle  keepers --  Hairy Belly, Not  Good, Scraping  White,
          Wolf Bull, and Little Dog -- before being sold to Madge Hardin Walters
          of San Diego, CA.  The Denver Art Museum purchased the bundle from Ms.
          Walters in 1940.

          Evidence provided  by the  Blackfeet Tribal  Business Council, on  the
          behalf of  Mr. George G.  Kipp, III,  and Mrs. Melinda  Kipp, confirms
          that the Elk Tongue  Beaver Bundle is needed by  traditional Blackfeet
          religious leaders  for the practice of  traditional Blackfeet religion
          by  present day  adherents.   The  Pikuni Traditionalist  Association,
          Chief Leonard Bastien of  the Piegan Nation, Alberta, Canada,  and the
          Blackfeet  Tribal Business  Council unanimously  support Mr.  and Mrs.
          Kipp  as  the appropriate  bundle keepers.    The Denver  Art Museum's
          Collection  Committee and Board  of Trustees has  reviewed the request
          for repatriation and  has no objection.  The  Elk Tongue Beaver Bundle
          has  been  loaned to  the Blackfeet  Tribal  Business Council,  on the
          behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Kipp, pending publication of this notice.

          Authorities of the United  States Fish and Wildlife Service  have been
          contacted  regarding  applicability  of  Federal   endangered  species
          statutes  to this transfer and  have concurred in  the conclusion that
          the object is not covered due to its age.

          Representatives of any other  Indian tribe that believes itself  to be
          culturally affiliated  with this  object should  contact Dr.  Nancy J.
          Blomberg,  Curator  of Native  Arts, Denver  Art  Museum, 100  W. 14th
          Avenue  Parkway, Denver,  CO 80204,  telephone: (303)  839-4806 before
          August 19, 1994.   Repatriation of the object to the Blackfeet Nation,
          on behalf of George and  Melinda Kipp, may begin after that date if no
          additional claimants come forward.

          Dated: July 14, 1994

          Dr. Francis P. McManamon
          Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR Doc. 94-17599 Filed 7-19-94; 8:45 am]
          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F
          FederalRegister/Vol.59,No.138/Wednesday,July20,1994/Notices   37052  &

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