Notice of  Intent to  Repatriate a  Cultural Item  in the
          Possession of  the University of Iowa,  Museum of Natural

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

          ACTION:   Notice.

          Notice is  hereby given under the  Native American Graves
          Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 of  the intent to
          repatriate  a  cultural item  in  the  possession of  the
          University of Iowa, Museum of Natural History, that meets
          the  definitions  of  "sacred  object"   and  "object  of
          cultural patrimony" under Section 2 of the act.

          The  cultural item  consists of  one large  carved wooden
          object.   This  object measures  25 3/4"  long by  2 3/4"
          diameter.  The  date of collection and  provenance of the
          object  are unknown.   Museum  records indicate  that the
          object may  have been  obtained  in the  early 1880's  by
          Daniel  H. Talbot  of Sioux  City, Iowa, who  donated his
          extensive personal collection to the museum in 1891.

          The form of the object leads the Museum to believe it  is
          of Zuni  origin, and  most likely represents  a Zuni  War
          God.   Copies of  museum records  and photographs of  the
          object  have  been  provided   to  the  Pueblo  of  Zuni.
          Authorized  representatives of  the Pueblo  of  Zuni have
          viewed the  object and concur with  the identification of
          the object  as a Zuni  War God.   The Pueblo of  Zuni has
          requested repatriation of the object from the  University
          of Iowa, Museum  of Natural  History, in  a letter  dated
          November 29,  1993.  The  University of  Iowa, Museum  of
          Natural History, has no objection.

          The object has been transferred to representatives of the
          Pueblo  of Zuni.    Representatives of  any other  Indian
          tribe that  believes itself to  be culturally  affiliated
          with this  object are advised to contact Robert E. Lewis,
          Governor,  Pueblo  of Zuni,  Box  339,  Zuni, New  Mexico
          87327, telephone: (505) 782-4481.

          Dated:  January 10, 1994

          Francis P. McManamon
          Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR/Vol. 59, No. 38/Friday, February 25, 1994/Page 9249]

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