Federal Register / Vol. 60 No. 112 / Monday, June 12, 1995 /

          Notices                                                Page 30898


          National Park Service

          Notice of  Inventory Completion of Native  American Human Remains

          from Kaena Point, Oahu, HI  in the Possession of the  Hood Museum

          of Art, Dartmouth College

          AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION: Notice


          Notice is  hereby  given in  accordance  with provisions  of  the

          Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 25 U.S.C.

          3003 (d), of  the completion  of the inventory  of human  remains

          from  Oahu, Hawaii, that are  currently in the  possession of the

          Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.

          A detailed  inventory and assessment  of these human  remains has

          been made by museum staff in consultation with representatives of

          Hui  Malama I  Na  Kupuna  'O  Hawai'i  Nei,  a  Native  Hawaiian

          organization as defined in 25 U.S.C. 3001 (11).

          The human remains identified  by the accession number 13-143-6547

          include a skull and mandible.  From observations and measurements

          taken around  1962, it  was determined  that the  "cranial index"

          relates to either the Hawaiian  or Society Islands.  Two  sets of

          human remains  identified as 13-143-6548 (thirteen vertebrae) and

          13-143-6549  (one  left  culcaneus   and  one  tarsus),  are  not

          morphologically  diagnostic, but  are identified  as having  been

          collected in Hawaii.

          All  three sets  of human remains  were probably  acquired around

          1900  by a private collector and were subsequently donated to the

          Dartmouth College Museum in  1939 by his son.   Accession records

          suggest that all  of the human remains were acquired  at the same

          time  from Kaena Point in  the northwest corner  of Oahu, Hawaii.

          Consultation with  representatives of Hui  Malama I Na  Kupuna 'O

          Hawai'i  Nei has  helped establish  Kaena Point  as a  well known

          Native  Hawaiian burial site.  Representatives of Hui Malama I Na

          Kupuna  'O Hawai'i  Nei  know of  no  non-Hawaiian occupation  or

          burials in and around Kaena Point.

          Based on  the above mentioned  information officials of  the Hood

          Museum  of Art have determined, in consultation with Hui Malama I

          Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i  Nei, that, pursuant to 25  U.S.C. 3001 (2),

          there  is  a  relationship of  shared  group  identity  which can

          reasonably  be  traced between  the three  sets of  human remains

          described above and present day Native Hawaiian organizations.

          Representatives   of   culturally   affiliated  Native   Hawaiian

          organizations  are  advised  that  the human  remains  have  been

          transferred,  on loan,  to  representatives of  Hui  Malama I  Na

          Kupuna  'O Hawai'i Nei who have agreed to delay reinterment until

          July 12, 1995.  This notice has been sent to  officials of Hui Malama

          I Na  Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei,  the Office of  Hawaiian Affairs and

          the O ahu Burial Committee.  Representatives of  any other Native

          Hawaiian  organization  that  believes itself  to  be  culturally

          affiliated  with these  human  remains should  contact Kellen  G.

          Haak, Registrar and Repatriation Coordinator, Hood Museum of Art,

          Dartmouth  College, Hanover, NH  03755, telephone  (603) 646-3109

          and Kunani Nihipali, Hui  Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei, P.O.

          Box 190 Hale'iwa,  HI 96712-0190 telephone:  (808)595-6575 before

          July 12, 1995.  Repatriation of these remains to Hui Malama I

          Na Kupuna  'O  Hawai'i  Nei  may begin  after  that  date  if  no

          additional claimants come forward.

          Dated:  June 6, 1995

          Richard C. Waldbauer

          Acting, Departmental Consulting Archeologist,

          Acting, Chief, Archeological Assistance Division

          [FR Doc. 95-14294; Filed 06/09/95; 8:45 am]

          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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