Notice of Inventory Completion  for Native American Human
          Remains  from Hawaii  in  the Possession  of the  Peabody
          Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard.

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

          ACTION:   Notice.

          Notice is  hereby given in accordance  with provisions of
          the  Native American  Graves Protection  and Repatriation
          Act,  25  U.S.C.  3003(d),   of  the  completion  of  the
          inventory of human remains  from Hawaii in the possession
          of  the  Peabody  Museum  of  Archaeology and  Ethnology,

          The human remains came  to the Peabody Museum as  part of
          16 collections  between  1867 and  1959.   There  are  no
          associated funerary objects.   A  detailed inventory  and
          assessment of  the human  remains has  been  made by  the
          staff   of  the  Peabody   Museum  in  consultation  with
          representatives of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei,
          the  Office of  Hawaiian  Affairs, and  the  Kauai/Nihau,
          Maui/Lanai, Molokai, and O'ahu Burial Councils.

          The human remains consist of the following:

          One cranium  (19-5:59745)  from Hohile  sand dunes,  Kuai
          County, Kuai Island.

          Twenty-one  crania  (36-96:N3482-3485 and  3487-3503) and
          eight mandibles (36-96:N3486)  from dune burials  in Kuai

          Twenty-one crania (67-39:N1115-1135) from southerly shore
          sand dunes, Kuai County.

          One cranium (72-20:6792) from Kuai County.

          Two crania (16-8:59647 and 59648) from an "ancient burial
          place", Maui County

          Twenty-one crania,  two partial  crania, and  one partial
          cranium together with fragmentary axial elements
          (78-45:15267-15290) from Maui County.

          One   skeleton   (80-25:23518),   complete   except   for
          fragmentary  extremities, from  an ancient  burial place,
          Maui County.

          Five  crania  (16-8:59641-59645)  from the  beach  beyond
          Diamond Sand Dunes Hill, Oahu.

          Six crania (23-5:60363-60368) found during the excavation
          of a canal in Waikiki, Oahu.

          Two almost complete skeletons and fragmentary postcranial
          remains  from  four  more individuals  (23-5:60639-60372)
          found  while excavating  for a  sewer system  in Honolulu
          County, Oahu.

          Three  partial  crania and  six  crania (36-4:N1324-1332)
          from lava caves near Honolulu, Oahu.

          Four  crania  and three  fragmentary  crania (85-7:37592-
          37397a) that, from  circumstantial documentary  evidence,
          may come from Oahu.

          One cranium, one partial  cranium and one partial cranium
          with  two  associated   femur  (86-58:61492-61494)   from
          Honolulu, Oahu.

          Twenty six  crania (16-8:59646; 20-4:59931 and 59932; 50-
          70:N7476;      59-27:N8615-N8620;     80-25:23503-23517),
          fragmentary   appendicular  elements   (27-5:60797),  and
          twenty  two  mandibles  (80-25:23519)  are  attributed to
          Hawai'i with no further information.  Six of these crania
          (59-27:N8615-N8620) came to  the Peabody Museum  from the
          Warren Anatomical Museum.

          Two mandibles and one  cranium, with no accession numbers
          and  no   accompanying   documentation  other   than   an
          attribution to Hawai'i.  

          Based  on the  above mentioned information,  officials of
          the Museum have determined pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (2)
          that  there is  a relationship  of shared  group identity
          which can be reasonably  traced between these remains and
          present-day Native Hawaiian organizations.

          This notice has been sent to officials of Hui Malama I Na
          Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.
          Representatives of any other Native Hawaiian organization
          which believes  itself to  be culturally affiliated  with

          these  human remains  should contact  Mrs. Barbara  A. B.
          Isaac, Assistant Director,  Peabody Museum of Archaeology
          and  Ethnology, Harvard  University, 11  Divinity Avenue,
          Cambridge MA 02138, or  call (617) 495-2248, before March
          30, 1994.

          Dated: February 18, 1994

          C. Timothy McKeown,
          Acting, Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR/Vol.59, No 39/Monday,February 28, 1994/Page9495&9496]

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