Notice  of Completion  of  Inventory  of Native  American
          Human   Remains  from   the   Hawaiian  Islands   in  the
          Collections  of the  Peabody Museum  of Natural  History,
          Yale University

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

          ACTION:   Notice.

          Notice is hereby given  in accordance with the provisions
          of   the   Native   American   Graves    Protection   and
          Repatriation, 25 U.S.C. 3003(d),  of the completion of an
          inventory of human remains from the Hawaiian Islands held
          by the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

          A detailed  inventory and assessment of  the Yale Peabody
          Museum's   collections  of  human   remains  of  Hawaiian
          provenance   have  been  completed  by  its  professional
          curatorial  staff in  consultation with  Hui Malama  I Na
          Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and
          the  Hawai i,  Kaua i/Nihan,  Maui/Lanai,  Moloka i,  and
          O ahu  Burial  Councils.    According  to  the  Peabody's
          accession  records,  these  human  remains   are  without
          associated funerary  objects.  Acquired by  the Museum in
          five  accessions  between  1872  and  1921,  these  human
          remains  are described in  eighty-four catalogue entries.
          They have been determined to be Native Hawaiian in origin
          on the  basis of the locality information provided in the
          catalogue  descriptions.    The  Museum  records  give no
          indication of  the antiquity of these  human remains. The
          inventory has  not resulted  in the determination  of any
          human  remains  that are  of an  identifiable individual.
          Following is a summary of each accession.

          One skull, one cranium, two  femurs and one mandible  are
          described in three catalogue entries.  They were received
          in 1872 in an accession with unrelated material collected
          and donated by the  Yale College Scientific Expedition of
          1871.  A  provenance of Honolulu,  Hawaii is provided  by
          the catalogue ledger.

          Two associated accessions were  acquired in 1872 and 1873
          via donation from the Honorable Christie, U.S. Consul and
          collected from  the sand hills near  Koloa, Kauai Island.
          The  1872 accession  consists of  ten skulls,  one nearly
          complete skeleton, and one calotte  described in fourteen
          catalogue  entries  and  is identified  in  the accession

          ledger as having been  collected by George H. Dole.   The
          1873 accession  consists of fourteen  skulls, six crania,
          fifteen unassociated mandibles,  and eleven  unassociated
          post  crania described  in twenty-two  catalogue entries;
          the collector has not been identified.

          Nine  skulls,  twenty-seven crania,  two  partial crania,
          seventeen and  one half  unassociated mandibles  and some
          cranial  fragments described  in forty  catalogue entries
          were  received  in donation  in  1878  from David  Dwight
          Baldwin  via  Professor  Daniel  Cady Eaton.    They  are
          identified  in  the catalogue  records as  Hawaiian; more
          locality detail is not provided.

          Five catalogue  entries describe two skulls,  two crania,
          and  one  tibia  fragment.    These  human  remains  were
          acquired for the Peabody from Miss Maria L.C. Winslow via
          purchase and donation  by Professor Charles  Schuchert in
          1921.  They  are part  of a collection  assembled by  Dr.
          Charles F. Winslow, largely  during the 1860's.  All  are
          identified  as Hawaiian  in the  catalogue records.   The
          additional locality of Maui  is provided for one cranium.
          Wailuku, Maui is provided for one cranium and the skull.

          Based  on the  above mentioned information,  officials of
          the Peabody Museum  of Natural  History, Yale  University
          have determined pursuant to  25 U.S.C. 3001(2) that there
          is a  relationship of shared group identity  which can be
          reasonably traced between these  remains and the present-
          day Native Hawaiian organizations such as Hui Malama I Na
          Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

          Representatives of any other Native Hawaiian organization
          that  believes itself  to be  culturally  affiliated with
          these human remains should contact Dr. Alison F. Richard,
          Director,  Yale  University,  Peabody  Museum  of Natural
          History,  P.  O.  Box  208118,  New  Haven,   Connecticut
          06520-8118, (203) 432-3752, before March 28, 1994.

          Dated: February 4, 1994

          Dr. Francis P. McManamon
          Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR/Vo. 59,No. 38/Friday,February 25, 1994/Page9248&9249]

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