Federal Register / Vol. 58, No. 104 / Wednesday, June 2, 1993 / Notices                                                             31414 & 314415

   Notice  of Completion of Inventory of Native Hawaiian Human Remains from
   Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii, in  the Possession of the Phoebe  Hearst Museum
   of Anthropology

   AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

   ACTION:   Notice.

   Notice  is  hereby given  in accordance  with  provisions of  the Native
   American  Graves Protection and Repatriation Act,  25 U.S.C. 3003(d), of
   the  completion of an inventory of human remains identified as 12-10738-
   39 in the possession of the Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology (PHMA),
   University  of  California,  Berkeley,  CA.    Lineal  descendants   and
   representatives  of culturally affiliated  Native Hawaiian organizations
   are advised that these human remains will be retained by PHMA until July
   2, 1993, after  which they may be repatriated to  a lineal descendant or
   culturally affiliated Native Hawaiian organization.

   The detailed inventory and assessment of the human remains identified as
   12-10738-39  has been made by PHMA staff.   They comprise two mandibles,
   two hand bones, and  one foot bone.   The minimum and maximum number  of
   individuals included in this number is a minimum of  two to a maximum of
   four.  This material was acquired (method unknown) in 1887 by the former
   Geological  Survey  of the  University  of  California and  subsequently
   included in the collections of the Museum of Paleontology, University of
   California  at  Berkeley  (established  1923).    These  specimens  were
   transferred to  the care of PHMA  in 1970.  The  transfer includes other
   miscellaneous materials accessioned to the Paleontology Museum but which
   are unrelated to these human  remains.  A small card with  the specimens
   indicates  that the  human  remains were  collected  from the  beach  at
   Waimanalo,  Oahu.  No other data exist  to document the circumstances of
   recovery, nor is  there any reference to a possible  date (i.e., modern,
   historic,  prehistoric) for  the  individuals.    All of  the  available
   University held  document sources have been examined, including both the
   PHMA and Museum of Paleontology  accession sheets, envelopes, and cards,
   catalogs, and correspondence files located in the Bancroft Library.  All
   staff  involved in the transfer  of the material  were also interviewed.
   Information was  based on  PHMA  catalogs, accession  cards,  envelopes,
   sheets, and intermuseum records of material transfer.

   After considering the  evidence, the Native  American Graves  Protection
   and  Repatriation  Review Committee  has  determined  a relationship  of
   shared group identity between these human remains and present day Native
   Hawaiian organizations.  This notice has been sent to representatives of
   Hui  M lama  I N   K puna   O Hawai i  Nei  and the  Office  of Hawaiian
   Affairs.    Representatives of  any  other  Hawaiian organization  which
   believes itself  to be  culturally affiliated with  these human  remains
   should write to the Pheobe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, 103 Kroeber
   Hall, University of California,  Berkeley, CA 94720, or call  (510) 642-
   3681 before July 2, 1993.  

   Dated:  May 20, 1993
   Francis P. McManamon
   Departmental Consulting Archeologist
   Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
   [FR Doc. 93-12958 Filed 6-1-93; 8:45 am]
   BILLING CODE 4310-70-M

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