[Federal Register: July 11, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 133)]
[Page 45999]
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National Park Service

Notice of Intent to Repatriate Cultural Items in the Possession
of the Springfield Science Museum, Springfield, MA

AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice.


    Notice is hereby given under the Native American Graves Protection
and Repatriation Act, 43 CFR 10.10 (a)(3), of the intent to repatriate
cultural items in the possession of the Springfield Museum of Science,
Springfield, MA, that meet the definition of ``unassociated funerary
objects'' under Section 2 of the Act.
     This notice is published as part of the National Park Service's
administrative responsibilities under NAGPRA, 43 CFR 10.2 (c). The
determinations within this notice are the sole responsibility of the
museum, institution, or Federal agency that has control of these
cultural items. The National Park Service is not responsible for the
determinations within this notice.
     The five cultural items are a copper ``nose ring,'' a bracelet,
two tubular beads, and a pendant. In 1906, J.T. Bowne purchased these
cultural items from a collector in Oregon and donated them to the
Springfield Science Museum in 1925. According to museum records, these
items were removed from a burial mound at Klamath Falls, OR. Historic
sources, oral traditions, and consultation information also indicate
that these cultural items are from the burial of a Klamath individual
from traditional Klamath territory in Oregon. The Springfield Science
Museum does not have possession of the human remains from this site.
    Based on the above-mentioned information, officials of the
Springfield Science Museum have determined that, pursuant to 43 CFR
10.2 (d)(2)(ii), these cultural items are reasonably believed to have
been placed with or near individual human remains at the time of death
or later as part of the death rite or ceremony and are believed, by a
preponderance of the evidence, to have been removed from a specific
burial site of a Native American individual. Officials of the
Springfield Science Museum also have determined that, pursuant to 43
CFR 10.2 (e), there is a relationship of shared group identity that can
be reasonably traced between these cultural items and the Klamath
Indian Tribe of Oregon.
    This notice has been sent to officials of the Klamath Indian Tribe
of Oregon. Representatives of any other Indian tribe that believes
itself to be culturally affiliated with these unassociated funerary
objects should contact David Stier, Director, Springfield Science
Museum, 236 State Street, Springfield, MA 01103, telephone (413) 263-
6800, extension 321, before August 12, 2002. Repatriation of these
unassociated funerary objects to the Klamath Indian Tribe of Oregon may
begin after that date if no additional claimants come forward.

    Dated: June 6, 2002.
Robert Stearns,
Manager, National NAGPRA Program.
[FR Doc. 02-17429 Filed 7-10-02; 8:45 am]
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