Federal  Register / Vol. 60 No. 55  / Wednesday, March 22, 1995 /
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          National Park Service

          Notice of Intent  to Repatriate Cultural Items  in the Possession
          of the USDA Forest Service.

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION:   Notice.

          Notice is hereby  given under provisions  of the Native  American
          Graves  Protection   and  Repatriation  Act  of   the  intent  to
          repatriate  cultural  items  in  the  possession  of  the  Cibola
          National Forest, USDA Forest Service, that meet the definition of
          "sacred object" under Section 2 of the Act.

          The  items  consist of  138  bundles of  feathers,  several loose
          fragments  of feathers  and  two corn  husk  bundle ties.    Each
          feather  bundle contains either  two or three  feathers tied with
          cotton twine on the  lower shaft.  With approximately one half of
          the bundles, the  twine and  some feathers are  stained with  red
          ochre.    A few  of the  bundles are  made  up entirely  of small
          feathers but most consist of one large feather and either  one or
          two small feathers.  The large feathers are turkey or hawk.  With
          few exceptions, each bundle contains  one small blue feather from
          a Stellar's or other jay.

          The feather  bundles were collected  by a hiker from  a shrine on
          the  Sandia Mountains (New Mexico)  in the late summer/early fall
          of  1984 and were brought  to the Sandia  Ranger District, Cibola
          National Forest several weeks  later.  A review of  published and
          unpublished  ethnographic information identified 27 Indian tribes
          and pueblos that traditionally used the Sandia Mountains.  All 27
          Indian tribes and pueblos were notified of the feather bundles.

          Representatives  of the Pueblo of Jemez  have inspected the items
          and  have  identified  them  as  prayer  feather  bundles.    The
          representatives of the  Pueblo of Jemez indicated that the prayer
          feather  bundles are left as offerings  at a shrine on the Sandia
          Mountains as part of their traditional religious  practice.  Once
          left as  a offering,  Jemez  Pueblo religion  requires that  such
          prayer feather bundles not be disturbed.

          The Pueblo of Jemez has identified the prayer feather bundles and
          associated materials as sacred objects of the Pueblo of Jemez and
          requested their repatriation.   The Pueblo of Sandia,  the Pueblo
          of  Acoma, the Pueblo of Isleta and  the Pueblo of Zuni have been
          consulted following their expressions  of interest in the feather
          bundles.  The Pueblos  of Sandia, Acoma, Isleta and  Zuni support

          the claim of the Pueblo of Jemez to this particular collection of
          feather bundles from the Sandia Mountains.

          Based on the  above mentioned information  officials of the  USDA
          Forest Service  have determined, pursuant  to 25 U.S.C.  3001 (3)
          (C), that  these feather bundles are  specific ceremonial objects
          needed  by the  traditional religious  leaders of  the  Pueblo of
          Jemez  for the  practice  of their  traditional  religion by  its
          present day adherents.  Officials of the USDA Forest Service have
          further determined, pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (2), that there is
          a relationship of shared  group identity which can be  reasonably
          traced between  these prayer  feather bundles  and the  Pueblo of

          This notice has  been sent to officials of the  Pueblos of Jemez,
          Acoma, Isleta, Sandia, and  Zuni.   Representatives of  any other
          Indian tribe  which believes  itself to be  culturally affiliated
          with  these cultural items  should contact Dr.  Frank E. Wozniak,
          NAGPRA Coordinator, Southwestern Region, USDA Forest Service, 517
          Gold Avenue,  S.W., Albuquerque, NM 87102,  telephone: (505) 842-
          3238,  before  April 21,  1995.    Repatriation of  these  sacred
          objects to  the Pueblo of Jemez  may begin after that  date if no
          additional claimants come forward.

          Dated: March 15, 1995

          Ruthann Knudson
          Acting, Departmental Consulting Archeologist,
          Acting, Chief, Archeological Assistance Division

          [FR Doc. 95-6976 Filed 3-21-95; 8:45 am]
          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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