Federal Register / Vol 59, No. 220 / Wednesday, November 16, 1994
          / Notices                                      Page 59246 & 59247


          National Park Service

          Notice  of Intent to Repatriate a Cultural Item in the Possession
          of the Arizona State Capitol Museum, Phoenix, AZ

          AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION: Notice


          Notice  is   hereby  given  under  the   Native  American  Graves
          Protection  and  Repatriation  Act  of  1990  of  the  intent  to
          repatriate a cultural  item presently  in the  possession of  the
          Arizona  State  Capitol  Museum,  Phoenix,  AZ,  that  meets  the
          definition of "sacred object" under section 2 of the act.

          The coiled basket has a flared shape, plaited rim, and dark brown
          design  of connected diamonds  on a light  brown background. Four
          sets  of 12 carved and painted sticks are sewn equidistant around
          the interior of the basket. The basket was purchased by the State
          of Arizona  in 1938 from  photographer Edward Curtis.  The basket
          was transferred from the Research Library, Department of Library,
          Archives  & Public Records in 1982 to the Museum Division. Museum
          records identify the basket with accession number 1982.035.035.

          Representatives of  the Navajo Nation have  identified the basket
          as one needed by Navajo religious leaders for the practice of the
          Yeibichai ceremony by present day adherents. 

          Based  on  the  above  mentioned information,  officials  of  the
          Arizona State Capitol Museum have determined that, pursuant to 25
          U.S.C. 3001 (2), there is a relationship of shared group identity
          which  can be reasonably traced between the basket and the Navajo
          Nation.   Officials of the Arizona State Capitol Museum have also
          determined that the basket meets  the definition of sacred object
          pursuant to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (3)(C).

          This  notice has  been sent  to officials  of the  Navajo Nation,
          Ramah  Navajo  Chapter, and  the  Colorado  River Indian  Tribes.
          Representatives of any other Indian tribe that believes itself to
          be culturally  affiliated with this cultural  item should contact
          Michael  Carman, Museum Director,  Arizona State  Capitol Museum,
          1700 W.  Washington, Phoenix  Arizona 85007  (602)542-4675 before
          December  16, 1994.   Repatriation  of the  cultural item  to the
          Navajo  Nation  may  begin  after  that  date  if  no  additional
          claimants come forward.

          Dated: November 10, 1994

          Francis P. McManamon
          Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
          [FR Doc. 28294 Filed 11-15-94; 8:45 am]
          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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