FEDERAL REGISTER / Vol. 60, No. 205 / Tuesday, October 24, 1995 /
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          National Park Service

          Notice of Inventory Completion of Native American Human Remains
          in the Possession of the Colorado Historical Society, Denver, CO

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION:   Notice

          Notice is hereby given in accordance with provisions of the
          Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 25 U.S.C.
          3003(d), of the completion of an inventory of human remains in
          the possession of the Colorado Historical Society, Denver, CO.

          The inventory and assessment of these human remains has been made
          by the Colorado Historical Society staff and representatives of
          the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  

          The human remain consists of one human scalplock. No known
          individual was identified. The scalplock was acquired in 1881 by
          John B. Hamilton at Pawhuska, Oklahoma as part of a collection
          associated with an Osage tribal leader, Black Dog, and identified
          in the extant documentation as the scalplock of a Pawnee.  The
          scalplock was subsequently acquired by Dr. and Mrs. S. Julian
          Lamme and loaned to the Colorado Historical Society in 1944. 
          Part of the scalplock was turned over by the Lammes in March 1957
          to Kohlberg's, a Denver antique dealer, for sale.  In April 1957,
          a portion of this item was discovered in the Colorado Historical
          Society collections and purchased from the heirs of Dr. and Mrs.
          S. Julian Lamme.  

          Based on the above mentioned information, consultations with the
          Pawnee Tribe, and the history of conflict between the Osage and
          the Pawnee during the 19th century (including Black Dog's
          lifetime), officials of the Colorado Historical Society have
          determined that, pursuant to 25 U.S.C 3001 (2), there is a
          relationship of shared group identity which can be reasonably
          traced between these human remains and the Pawnee Tribe of

          This notice has been sent to officials of the Pawnee Tribe of
          Oklahoma.  Representatives of any other Indian tribe which
          believes itself to be culturally affiliated with these human
          remains should contact Anne Wainstein Bond, Curator of Material
          Culture, Colorado Historical Society, 1300 Broadway, Denver, CO
          80203, phone (303) 866-4691 before November 24, 1995. 
          Repatriation of these remains may begin after this date if no
          additional claimants come forward.  

          Dated: October 18, 1995

          Richard C. Waldbauer
          Acting Departmental Consulting Archeologist
          Archeology and Ethnography Program
          [FR Doc. 95-26267 Filed 10-23-95; 8:45 am]
          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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