Federal Register / Vol. 60 No. 153 / Wednesday, August  9, 1995 /

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          National Park Service

          Notice of  Inventory Completion for Human  Remains and Associated

          Funerary  Objects in the Control of Glacier Bay National Park and

          Preserve, Gustavus, AK

          AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior

          ACTION:   Notice


          Notice  is   hereby  given  under  the   Native  American  Graves

          Protection  and  Repatriation  Act,  25 U.S.C.  3003(d),  of  the

          completion of inventory of  human remains and associated funerary

          objects in the control of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve,

          Gustavus, AK.  The human remains and  associated funerary objects

          are curated at Washington State University, Pullman, WA.

          A detailed inventory  and assessment of  these human remains  and

          associated  funerary objects has  been made by  the National Park

          Service curatorial and anthropological staff in consultation with

          representatives of Hoonah Indian Association.

          The  cremated human  bones and  associated funerary  objects were

          recovered in 1964 from a collapsed log grave house on the western

          shore  of Excursion  Inlet, AK,  by Dr.  Robert E.  Ackerman. The

          cremated human  remains and  funerary objects were  originally in

          bent  wood boxes which  were deteriorated when  documented by Dr.


          The  human remains represent a minimum of three adults of unknown

          sex,  stature, and age.  No  known individuals were identifiable.

          Associated  funerary objects  include two copper  tube fragments,

          two white  glass shirt buttons, several  clay pipestem fragments,

          an eroded piece of  metal with bits of woven  fabric, four pieces

          of  shaped wood  (remains  of the  bent wood  box  or boxes  that

          originally  contained the  remains), a  bone socket  containing a

          wooden plug, and several decayed bits of cordage.

          Testimony  of Tlingit  elders recorded  in Goldschmidt  and Haas,

          "Possessory  Rights  of  the  Natives  of  Southeastern  Alaska,"

          (1946),  and  testimony  taken during  recent  consultation  with

          Hoonah Tlingit  elders identifies  Excursion Inlet as  within the

          traditional  territory  of  the  Hoonah   Tlingit.  Dr.  Ackerman

          suggests that the practice of cremation  among the Hoonah Tlingit

          became  very rare after 1890.  On that basis  these human remains

          are believed to have been interred sometime prior to that time.

          Based  on  the  above  mentioned information,  officials  of  the

          National Park Service has determined  that, pursuant to 25 U.S.C.

          3001  (2), there is a relationship of shared group identity which

          can  be reasonably  traced  between these  Native American  human

          remains  and associated  funerary objects  and the  Hoonah Indian

          Association.   All of the objects are reasonably believed to have

          been placed with or near individual Native American human remains

          either at the  time of death or later as part  of a death rite or


          This  notice  has been  sent to  officials  of the  Hoonah Indian

          Association.  Representatives  of  any  other  Indian  tribe that

          believes  itself to  be  culturally affiliated  with these  human

          remains   and   associated   funerary   objects   should  contact

          Superintendent Jim Brady, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve,

          P.O. Box  140, Gustavus, AK 99826-0140,  telephone (907) 697-2230

          before September 8,  1995. Repatriation of the human  remains and

          associated funerary objects to  the Hoonah Indian Association may

          begin after that date if no additional claimants come forward.

          Dated: August 3, 1995

          Veletta Canouts

          Acting, Departmental Consulting Archeologist, and

          Acting Chief, Archeological Assistance Division

          [FR Doc. 95-19607; Filed 8-8-95; 8:45 am]

          BILLING CODE 4310-70-F

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