Federal  Register  / Vol.  58,  No.  24 /  Monday,  February  8, 1993  /
   Notices                                                             7575

   Notice  of Completion of Inventory of Native American Human Remains from
   Oahu,  Hawaii, Formerly in the Possession of the Museum of Anthropology,
   University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.

   AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

   ACTION:   Notice.

        Notice  is hereby given in accordance with provisions of the Native
   American  Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 25 U.S.C. 3003 (d), of
   the completion of  the inventory of  human remains from   Oahu,  Hawaii,
   formerly  in the possession of the Museum of Anthropology, University of
   Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.
        The  detailed inventory  and assessment  of the  two sets  of human
   remains from Oahu has been made by  the museum staff and representatives
   of Hui M lama I N   K puna  O Hawai i Nei, a nonprofit,  Native Hawaiian
   organization  incorporated under  the laws  of the  State of  Hawaii and
   recognized under 25 U.S.C. 3001 (6) to provide guidance and expertise in
   decisions  dealing with  Native  Hawaiian cultural  issues, particularly
   burial issues.
        The  two sets of  remains were  given to  the museum  in 1940  by a
   private collector.  Accession records indicate the remains came from the
   island of Oahu, Hawaii.
        The  human remains identified as 11-108 are very well preserved and
   nearly complete.   They represent an adult female aged between 30 and 40
   years at death.  While precise identification of cultural affiliation is
   difficult, an assignment of  this individual to the Mongoloid  group can
   be made based on  the intermediate grade alveolar prognathism  and nasal
   shape,  narrowing of  the  nasal bone  at  the nasal  bridge,  prominent
   forward-projecting  cheek  bones,   straight  facial  profile,  circular
   orbits,  and a  moderately  wide palate.    There are  no  morphological
   features  evident that would suggest that the remains are anything other
   than those of a Hawaiian.
        The  human remains  identified as  11-107 are  nearly complete  and
   represent  an unknown sex juvenile aged between  3 and 5 years at death.
   Precise cultural affiliation of this juvenile is not possible.  However,
   no morphological features evident in the remains would suggest that they
   are anything other than those of a Hawaiian.
        Based on the  above mentioned information, officials  of the Museum
   of  Anthropology, University of  Oregon, have determined  pursuant to 25
   U.S.C.  (2) that there is a relationship  of shared group identity which
   can be  reasonably traced between  these remains and  present-day Native
   Hawaiian organizations.
        Representatives   of   culturally   affiliated    Native   Hawaiian
   organizations  are advised that the human  remains have been transferred
   to  representatives of Hui  M lama I N   K puna  O Hawai i  Nei who have
   agreed to delay  reinterment until March 10, 1993, after  which they may
   be reinterred. This  notice has been sent of officials  of the Office of
   Hawaiian  Affairs.    Representatives  of  any  other  Native   Hawaiian
   organization that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with these
   human remains  should contact  Don E.  Dumond,  Museum of  Anthropology,
   University of Oregon,  Eugene, OR 97403, telephone:  (503) 346-5120, and
   Edward Ayau,  Hui M lama  I  N  K puna   O Hawai i  Nei,  P.O. Box  190,
   Hale iwa HI  96712-0190 (808) 587-0010, before March 10, 1993.

        Dated: February 3, 1993

   Francis P. McManamon
   Departmental Consulting Archeologist
   Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
   [FR Doc 92-2930 Filed 2-5-93; 8:45 am]
   BILLING CODE 4310-70-M

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