Federal  Register  / Vol.  58,  No.  24 /  Monday,  February  8, 1993  /
   Notices                                                             7574

   Notice  of Completion of Inventory of Native American Human Remains from
   Navajo County, Arizona,  in the Possession of the  California Department
   of Parks and Recreation.

   AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

   ACTION:   Notice.
        Notice  is hereby given in accordance with provisions of the Native
   American  Graves Protection and Repatriation Act,  25 U.S.C. 3003(d), of
   the completion of  the inventory  of human remains  from Navajo  County,
   Arizona, in the  possession of  the California Department  of Parks  and
   Recreation.  Representatives of culturally affiliated Indian tribes  are
   advised that these human remains will  be retained by the Department  at
   its headquarters facility  until March 9, 1993, after which  they may be
   repatriated to the culturally affiliated group.
        The detailed  inventory and assessment  of these human  remains has
   been  made  by  the  California  Department   of  Parks  and  Recreation
   curatorial  and archeological  staff, contract  specialists in  physical
   anthropology and prehistoric archeology, and representatives of the Hopi
        The human remains consist of twenty unburned bones from one burial.
   There  were  no associated  funerary objects.    Records related  to the
   original  recovery  of  these  remains  and  their  acquisition  by  the
   California  Department of Parks and  Recreation are scant.   The remains
   were originally part  of the  Hall Collection of  Anthropology of  North
   America,  parts  of  which were  acquired  by  the  department in  1972.
   Accession  records indicate the remains were  recovered from an "ancient
   burial mound" located  northeast of Winslow, Arizona, and  identified as
   the remains of "Pueblo Indians."  
        Attribution  of the remains as  Puebloan and their  recovery from a
   site  located  northeast  of  Winslow, Arizona,  implies  that  they are
   culturally  affiliated with the  Hopi Tribe.  The  Hopi Tribe traces its
   ancestry directly from the Puebloan residents of northeast Arizona.  The
   area  northeast of Winslow, Arizona, has been recognized as part of Hopi
   aboriginal territory by the U.S. Indian Claims Commission.
        Based  on  the  above  mentioned  information,  officials  of   the
   California Department  of Parks and Recreation  have determined pursuant
   to  25 U.S.C. (2) that there is  a relationship of shared group identity
   which can be reasonably traced between these remains and the Hopi Tribe.
        This  notice  has  been  sent  to  officials  of  the  Hopi  Tribe.
   Representatives  of any other Indian  Tribe which believes  itself to be
   culturally affiliated with  these human remains  should contact  Pauline
   Grenbeaux Spear,  Committee on Repatriation, P.O.  942896, Sacramento CA
   94296-0001, (916) 324-6800 before March 9, 1993. 

        Dated: February 3, 1993

   Veletta Canouts
   Acting Departmental Consulting Archeologist and
   Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
   [FR Doc 93-2929 Filed 2-5-93; 8:45 am]
   BILLING CODE 4310-70-M

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