Federal Register / Vol. 58, No. 3 / Wednesday, January 6, 1993 / Notices
                                                                  579 & 580

   Notice  of Completion of Inventory of Native American Human Remains from
   Hawaii in the Possession of the Peabody & Essex Museum.

   AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

   ACTION:   Notice.

     Notice is hereby  given in  accordance with provisions  of the  Native
   American  Graves Protection and Repatriation Act,  25 U.S.C. 3003(d), of
   the  completion of the  inventory of  human remains  from Hawaii  in the
   possession of the Peabody & Essex Museum.  Representatives of culturally
   affiliated Native Hawaiian  organizations are advised  that these  human
   remains will  be retained  by the museum  until February 5,  1993, after
   which they may be repatriated to the culturally affiliated group.
     The detailed  inventory and assessment of these human remains has been
   made  by the  Peabody &  Essex Museum  curatorial staff,  specialists in
   physical anthropology and prehistoric archeology from the Bernice Pauahi
   Bishop  Museum, Honolulu,  HI, and  representatives of  Hui M lama  I N 
   K puna   O  Hawai i  Nei,  a  nonprofit,  Native  Hawaiian  organization
   incorporated under the laws of the  State of Hawaii and recognized under
   25  U.S.C. 3001  (6)  to provide  guidance  and expertise  in  decisions
   dealing  with  Native  Hawaiian  cultural  issues,  particularly  burial
     The human remains consist of a  cranium collected by Charles Derby  in
   the Sandwich  (now Hawaiian) Islands in  the 19th Century.   The cranium
   was accessioned by the  Essex Institute prior to 1867 and  catalogued as
   Hawaiian.  Osteological documentation revealed a "rocker jaw"  and upper
   palate typical of Polynesian individuals.  The crania is believed to  be
   of Hawaiian cultural affiliation based on this morphology and collection
     Based on the above  mentioned information, officials of the  Peabody &
   Essex Museum have determined pursuant  to 25 U.S.C. 3001 (2) that  there
   is  a  relationship of  shared group  identity  which can  be reasonably
   traced   between  these   remains   and   present-day  Native   Hawaiian
     This notice has  been sent to officials  of Hui M lama I N   K puna  O
   Hawai i Nei and the Office of Hawaiian  Affairs.  Representatives of any
   other  Native   Hawaiian  organization  which  believes   itself  to  be
   culturally affiliated  with these human  remains should contact  John R.
   Grimes, Curator  of  Archaeology, Peabody  &  Essex Museum,  East  India
   Square, Salem MA 01970, (508) 745-1876, before February 5, 1993.

     Dated: December 31, 1992

   Francis P. McManamon
   Departmental Consulting Archeologist
   Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
   [FR Doc 93-139 Filed 1-5-93; 8:45 am]
   BILLING CODE 4310-70-M

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