Federal  Register  / Vol.  57,  No.  118 /  Thursday,  June  18, 1992  /
   Notices                                                            27269

   Notice of Completion of  Inventory of Native American Human  Remains and
   Associated Funerary Objects within the Campbell Collection, Joshua  Tree
   National Monument, Twentynine Palms, CA

   AGENCY:   National Park Service, Interior.

   ACTION:   Notice.
     Notice  is hereby given  in accordance  with provisions  of the Native
   American  Graves Protection and Repatriation Act,  25 U.S.C. 3003(d), of
   the completion of the inventory of human remains and associated funerary
   objects within  the Campbell Collection, a  Federally curated collection
   at  Joshua   Tree  National  Monument,   Twentynine  Palms,  California.
   Representatives of culturally affiliated Indian tribes are advised  that
   the  human remains  and  associated  funerary  objects in  the  Campbell
   Collection will be  retained by the monument  until July 20, 1992  after
   which they may be repatriated to the culturally affiliated groups.
     The  detailed  inventory  and  assessment of  the  human  remains  and
   associated funerary objects within the Campbell Collection has been made
   by  National  Park  Service  professional  curatorial  staff, contracted
   specialists  in physical  anthropology and  prehistoric archeology,  and
   representatives of the following affected tribal organizations:

   Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
   Twentynine Palms Band of Mission Indians
   Torez Martinez Reservation
   San Manual Band of Mission Indians
   Cabazon Reservation
   Anza Band of Cahuilla Indians
   Saboba Reservation
   Morongo Reservation
   Coyote Reservation
   Santa Rosa Reservation
   Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation
   Fort Mojave Indian Reservation
   Chemehuevi Reservation
   Quechan Indian Nation of the Fort Yuma Reservation

     Between  July  1931  and July  1933,  Elizabeth  and  William Campbell
   carried out  legally authorized archeological studies  on Federal public
   lands now within Joshua Tree National Monument.  Among the archeological
   resources collected  were human cremations and artifacts  believed to be
   associated with funerary  events practiced by  prehistoric and  historic
   Native Americans.    Recent  assessment  studies  indicate  that  eleven
   individuals   are  represented;  approximately  12,225  Native  American
   artifacts are believed to have been associated with the funerary events.
   These  artifacts include historic glass trade beads, native shell beads,
   chipped and other  stone implements, pottery vessels, clay smoking pipes
   and human effigies, and animal bone  tools.  One cremation appears to be
   19th Century  in date; others may  be estimated as being  between 9th to
   14th Century in  date.  The collection does  not contain materials which
   meet the definition of sacred object or objects of cultural patrimony.
     Artifactual  evidence does  not  allow  specific identification  as to
   tribal  origin.  However, recent  assessment studies on  portions of the
   Campbell Collection  indicate basic similarities  in crematory practice,
   ceramics,  stone  tool manufacture,  ornamentation,  and  bone or  shell
   artifacts  of  known  archeological  traditions  believed  ancestral  to
   contemporary  Cahuilla, Serrano, and Colorado River tribal peoples.  Ten
   of  the cremations are likely affiliated to Cahuilla or Serrano cultural
   traditions.   One  cremation  is determined  possibly  to be  of  either
   Colorado River  area cultural  affiliation, represented  by contemporary
   Quechan, Mojave, Maricopa or Chemehuevi peoples, or of Diegueño cultural
   affiliation to the southwest of the monument.
     Representatives  of  any  Indian   tribe  believed  to  be  culturally
   affiliated with the human remains and associated funerary objects of the
   Campbell collection  that  have  not  been contacted  should  talk  with
   Superintendent David  E. Moore,  Joshua  Tree National  Monument,  74485
   National Monument Drive,  Twentynine Palms, CA,  92277, (619)  367-3676,
   before July 20, 1992. 

     Dated: June 9, 1992

   Francis P. McManamon
   Departmental Consulting Archeologist
   Chief, Archeological Assistance Division
   [FR Doc 92-14257 Filed 6-17-92; 8:45 am]
   BILLING CODE 4310-70-M

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