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    Natural Bridges

    National Monument Utah


An SCA working with the outdoor education program
An SCA working with the outdoor education program
NPS Photo by Neal Herbert

The National Park Service needs volunteers throughout the year to assist with all aspects of park management: from archeological surveys to campground hosts. Many of our volunteers work through the Student Conservation Association (SCA).

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Canyonlands, visit the www.thesca.org, or contact our volunteer coordinator:

Volunteer Coordinator
Natural Bridges National Monument
H.C. 60 Box 1
Lake Powell, UT 84533
(435) 692-1234 (x13)


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Did You Know?

Pinyon Pine

Pinyon pines do not produce pine nuts every year. These delicious nuts can only be harvested every three to seven years. This irregular schedule prevents animals from adapting to an abundance of pine nuts and guarantees that at least some nuts will become new pine trees instead of a quick meal.