• Owachomo Bridge

    Natural Bridges

    National Monument Utah


These publications are freely distributed by the National Park Service. All require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Archeology [130k PDF File]
Introduces the rich cultural history of the Natural Bridges area with both European and Hopi perspectives.

Bear Safety [711k PDF File]
Did you know Natural Bridges is bear country? Learn how to be safe while exploring their territory.

Geology [161k PDF File]
Explains how natural bridges and the other rock formations found in the area were created.

Visitor Guide
Overview of activities, facilities and hiking trails at Natural Bridges. Available in three languages:

English [1.2mb PDF File]
French [355k PDF File]
German [282k PDF File]

Did You Know?

Horsecollar Ruin

Horsecollar Ruin is a major attraction at Natural Bridges, and one of the best-preserved ancestral Puebloan sites in the area. Named because the doorways to two structures resemble horse collars, the site was abandoned more than 700 years ago. More...