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  • A portion of the battlefield landscape at Little Bighorn Battlefield

    Midwest Archeological Center

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Midwest Archeological Center

The Midwest Archeological Center is dedicated to the study, interpretation and preservation of archeological resources within the National Park System. The Center is also dedicated to providing professional support and consultation to other federal, state and local government agencies. We conduct research on sites ranging from 10,000 year old American Indian campsites to the garbage in Abraham Lincoln's backyard. Center staff provides expertise in geophysical, geoarcheological, and fur trade research specializations, as well as a wide range of other study. The Midwest Archeological Center is organized to provide the highest quality archeological services in an effective, productive and timely manner.

As you explore our web site, we hope you will share our appreciation for the archeological record and the role of the National Park Service in preserving, protecting, and interpreting the record of humanity's past.

2015 Field Season
MWAC archeologists have been busy this field season traveling across the Midwest Region of the National Park Service conducting research and assisting park staff with cultural resource management needs.  Click on the link below to view an esri map journal to learn more about our 2015 field season projects.
2015 ESRI Map Journal

2016 Archeological Prospection Workshop
Current Archeological Prospection Advances for Non-destructive Investigations of Fort Gadsden, a War of 1812 Fort and Fight
May 16-20, 2016 LOCATION:
Fort Gadsden Apalachicola National Forest, Franklin County, Florida .
Download Registration (PDF 326 KB)