The collections that are maintained by the Museum Resource Center are not on permanent display in a museum. Instead, temporary exhibitions provide public access to the historical treasures. Exhibitions can either travel or remain in one location. Some exhibitions, such as our Birth of the Equestrian Statues, provide a photo essay of events that happened many years ago, bringing historical events into the present.

This section will provide you with online glimpses of galleries and exhibitions that have either been available in the past or are travelling around the country. Be sure to stop by periodically to see what has been added!

A few examples of past and present exhibitions are:

Birth of the Equestrian Statues

Lost, Tossed and Found: Clues to African-American Life at
Manassas National Battlefield Park

Exhibitions of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection:

Imperial War Museum: British Conflicts Since 1945

New Jersey Children's Museum Exhibition

Smithsonian Institution Exhibition

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Last Updated: June 4, 1997