• Mount Rushmore, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln framed by ponderosa pine trees under a bright blue sky.

    Mount Rushmore

    National Memorial South Dakota

Park Newspaper Archive

The links below will open PDFs of our past editions of the Granite Journal, the official newspaper of Mount Rushmore National Memorial. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher (available free online) to view these files.

Summer 2013 (1.38 MB)

Winter 2012-2013 (1.6 MB PDF)
Summer 2012 (1.1 MB PDF)

Winter 2011-2012 (1.2 MB PDF)
Summer 2011(1.1 MB PDF)

Winter 2009-2010 (6.3 MB PDF)
Summer 2009 (1.4 MB PDF)

Winter 2008-2009 (526 K PDF)
Summer 2008 (3.5 MB PDF)

Summer and Winter (12.2 MB PDF)

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Approximately 400 different people worked at Mount Rushmore during the carving process from October 1927 to October 1941. Although this work was dangerous, no lives were lost during the sculpting of the mountain.