• Mount Rushmore, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln framed by ponderosa pine trees under a bright blue sky.

    Mount Rushmore

    National Memorial South Dakota

2013 press releases

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July 8, Closures and Public Use Limits (SMOKING)

Aug 5, Time Change for Evening Program

Aug 6, Xanterra Wins Midwest Region Partnership Award

Aug 23, Commemoration of 50th Anniversary of I Have a Dream Speech

Oct 29, United States Mint to Launch Mount Rushmore Quarter Nov. 6

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Mount Rushmore is named after New York City attorney Charles E. Rushmore, who came to the Black Hills in 1884-85 to check legal titles on properties. On returning to Pine Camp he asked Bill Challis the name of this mountain. Bill replied, "Never had a name but from now on we'll call it Rushmore."