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  • Mandatory All Employee Staff Meeting

    The Visitor Center, Wick House, Museum and the Ford Mansion will be closed Friday Sept 5 from 11:30am to 2pm for a mandatory all employee meeting. Tours of the Ford Mansion will resume at 2pm. Sorry for the inconvience. Call 973-539-2016 ext.210 for info.

Vegetation and White-tailed Deer Management Plan

Forest at Jockey Hollow

Forest at Jockey Hollow


The National Park Service (NPS) is preparing a Vegetation and White-tailed Deer Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (plan/EIS) for Morristown National Historical Park. The purpose of the plan/EIS is to address issues associated with nonnative invasive plant species proliferation that prevents native tree regeneration; the effects of white-tailed deer browsing on tree regeneration; and the loss of key aspects of the park's cultural landscape. Your participation is vital to our planning process. The formal scoping period during which the public commented through this PEPC website ended on August 14, 2011. The information gathered during that time will be used by planners as they progress to the next major stage of the process, the development of a Draft Vegetation and White-tailed Deer Management Plan/EIS. This document will be made available for review by 2013. Public meetings will be conducted at that time. Please check this site periodically for updates. Also, if you have thoughts or concerns you would like to share, please send your comments to:

Mr. Robert Masson
Morristown National Historical Park
30 Washington Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Link to plan documents:
Planning, Environment and Public Comment Site

Thank you for your continuing interest in Morristown National Historical Park.

Did You Know?

brown bess lock

The Brown Bess was the standard issue infantry musket for the British Army. By 1770, the specifications of the weapon included a 39 inch length barrel, 14 pound weight, and a .75 calibre bullet.