• Reenatctors try to stay warm outside soldier huts in Jockey Hollow


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  • Road work on Washington Place Friday Sept 26th to Wednesday Oct 1st weather permitting

    Expect delays arriving to Washington's HQ and Ford Mansion due to roadwork and repaving of Washington Place. Give yourself more time to arrive for tours of the Ford Mansion. Call 973-539-2016 ext.210 for updates if needed

  • Mandatory All Employee Staff Meeting on Friday October 3rd

    The Visitor Center, Wick House, Museum and the Ford Mansion will be closed Friday Oct 3rd from 9am to 11am for a mandatory all employee meeting. Tours of the Ford Mansion will resume at 11am. Sorry for the inconvience. Call 973-539-2016 ext.210 for info.

Our Staff & Offices

N A M E / T I T L E / P H O N E / E M A I L

Thomas Ross
Superintendent 973-539-2016 x 200/ e-mail us

Anne DeGraaf
Management Assistant 973-539-2016 x 201/ e-mail us

Sheila Hamilton
Administrative Officer 973-539-2016 x207/
e-mail us

Claudia Mosquera
Administrative Technician 973-539-2016 x209/ e-mail us

Jude Pfister
Chief of Cultural Resources 973-539-2016 x204/ e-mail us

Joni Rowe
Museum Specialist 973-539-2016 x203/ e-mail us

Sarah Minegar
Museum Technician 973-539-2016 x215/ e-mail us

Brian Brodhead
Maintenance Supervisor 973-539-5498 / e-mail us

Wade Miller
Maintenance Mechanic 973-539-4608/ e-mail us

Gerald Molnar
Painter 973-267-5911/ e-mail us

Kevin Scheirer
Maintenance Worker 973-267-5911/ e-mail us


Chief of Interpretation 973-539-2016 x206/

Eric Olsen
Park Ranger 973-285-0126 / e-mail us

Thomas Winslow
Park Ranger 973-285-0126/ e-mail us

Kevin Hanley
Park Ranger 973-539-2016 x210/ e-mail us

Pamela Dobben
Park Guide 973-539-2016 x210/ e-mail us

John Hazel
Park Guide 973-539-2016 x210/ e-mail us

Kim Watts
Park Guide 973-539-2016 x210/ e-mail us

Andy Danneker
Park Guide 973-539-2016 x210/ e-mail us

Law Enforcement
Tim Socha
Chief Ranger 973-543-7958/ e-mail us

Peter Leon
Park Ranger, Law Enforcement 973-543-7958/ e-mail us

Andrew Ginrich
Park Ranger, Law Enforcement 973-543-7958/ e-mail us

John Castaldo
Park Ranger, Law Enforcement 973-543-7958/ e-mail us

Natural Resources
Robert Masson
Biologist 908-766-6841 / e-mail us

All inquires can be made by sending them to:
Morristown National Historical Park
30 Washington Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Did You Know?

Dr James Thacher

“We reached this wilderness, about three miles from Morristown where we are building log huts for winter quarters. The snow on the ground is about two feet deep, and the weather extremely cold.” – Dr James Thacher, Continental Army Surgeon, 1779.