• Reenatctors try to stay warm outside soldier huts in Jockey Hollow


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  • Wednesday Closures

    From March 12th to May 21st, the Ford Mansion, Washington's Headquarters Museum, Jockey Hollow Visitor Center and Wick House will be closed on Wednesdays. This does not effect confirmed school groups. All park grounds will remain open. More »

Fire Management


National Park Service (NPS) wildland fire management activities are essential to the protection of human life and property, the protection and management of irreplaceable natural and cultural resources, and to the accomplishment of the NPS mission.

The Morristown National Historical Park Wildland Fire Management Plan, completed in 2005, is the primary planning document directing park wildland fire management activities at Morristown. These activities include preparedness planning and activities, fire staffing and training, prevention, suppression, and the use of mechanical fuel treatments to achieve management and resource management objectives.

The Fire Management Plan meets the requirements of Director’s Order-18 that all NPS park units with burnable vegetation have a wildland fire management plan approved by the superintendent.

For additional information on Strategies for Managing the Forest at Morristown National Historical Park, click here.

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