• Reenatctors try to stay warm outside soldier huts in Jockey Hollow


    National Historical Park New Jersey

Trees and Shrubs

A Tulip tree in winter.

Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)


Up to 100 acres of secondary old-growth tulip trees have grown up in the park's forests since the Revolutionary War. These majestic trees are now 150-220 years old and some are at least 120 feet tall. These tulip trees can be seen along Jockey Hollow Road and on the Grand Loop Trail in the Jockey Hollow Unit of the park.

Large specimen trees such as Silver Maple and Chinese Sequoia can be found on the grounds of the Cross Estate in the New Jersey Brigade Unit of the park. A self-guided walk through the grounds of the Cross Estate provides visitors with the opportunity to view historic trees and learn about their importance to Native Americans and colonists.

Did You Know?

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

George Washington lost his first tooth at 22. Over the next 35 years he lost all but one of the rest of his teeth. Dentures made for him were carved from hippopotamus, walrus, or elephant ivory or other teeth. Washington was buried wearing dentures made by dentist John Greenwood.