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    From March 12th to May 21st, the Ford Mansion, Washington's Headquarters Museum, Jockey Hollow Visitor Center and Wick House will be closed on Wednesdays. This does not effect confirmed school groups. All park grounds will remain open. More »

Disturbed Lands

Disturbances to the park’s forest resources are caused by both natural and human factors.

Examples of natural disturbance are the chestnut blight which killed most of the chestnut trees in the park in the early 1920s and the gypsy moth infestations of the 1960s and 1970s.

An example of human disturbance at Morristown NHP is the clearing of approximately 600 acres of forest land by George Washington’s soldiers to build over 1000 soldier huts. Some of the land that was cleared for soldier huts was kept cleared and used for agricultural purposes while the rest was allowed to reforest.

Did You Know?

line of battle

A Line of Battle was the standard 18th century troop formation. It generally consisted of a double row of men which allowed one row to fire as the other row reloaded.