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Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Ranger Patch

Calling all Girl Scouts! Lend a hand and earn the Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger Patch

Scouts that participate in educational programs and or volunteer service projects at national park sites can:
* Gain a better understanding of the National Park Service mission and conserving the nation's natural, cultural and historic resources.
* Explore the national parks.
*Practice good citizenship and kindness.
In recognition of your resource stewardship activities, Scouts are awarded patches for their participation.

Patch Requirements:

1. Take part in organized educational programs or volunteer service projects for a minimum of ten (10) hours at one or more national park sites.
2. Scouts will be awarded a patch upon reporting their completion of the program requirements to the park's Volunteer Program Coordinator at e-mail us.
3. Scouts are encouraged to share their experience by sending an e-mail and photographs to e-mail us.


How to Earn Your Certificate or Patch:

At Morristown National Historical Park you must participate in an educational program or volunteer service/action project and earn your Girl Scout Ranger certificate or patch.

To Earn Your Certificate: you must participate in 5 hours of an educational program, a volunteer service, or an action project.

Once you are finished you can download your certificate at the main National Park Service website here:

NPS Girl Scout Ranger Certificate

*Use of the certificate is on the honor system, as the certificate should only be downloaded after contributing five hours to project.

To Earn Your Patch: you must participate in 10 hours of an educational program, a volunteer service, or an action project.

Did You Know?


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