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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Badlands National Park (SD)
Oklahoma Man Killed In Rollover Accident

On the afternoon of May 23rd, a 1999 Ford F-250 driven by an Oklahoma man in his mid-60s went off Highway 240 near Ancient Hunters Overlook, rolled twice down an embankment, and ended up on its roof between 50 and 75 feet from the road in rugged terrain.

Rangers Tyson Nehring and Danny Baker responded to the scene along with the Pennington County Sheriff's Department officers. The driver of the vehicle was determined to be dead on scene by a coroner from the sheriff's department. The body was retrieved by a technical rescue team from Pennington County Search & Rescue. 

Preliminary field testing determined that the driver was operating under the influence of alcohol. The NPS is jointly investigating the incident with the Pennington County Sheriff's Department and the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

[Submitted by Casey J. Osback, Chief Ranger]

Golden Gate National Recreation Area (CA)
Driver Extricated From Car Following High-Speed Crash

A car with three occupants went off Conzelman Road at Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands around 9 p.m. on May 13th.

Two of the occupants of the rolled over vehicle were able to escape without injuries with the assistance of other visitors, but the driver was pinned inside and had to be extricated by personnel from Southern Marin Fire Department. The California Highway Patrol and U.S. Park Police also assisted on the accident.

The driver refused medical attention and was taken to Marin County Jail on DUI charges. His BAC was determined to be .151%.

According to park visitors who witnessed the accident, the vehicle was traveling at speeds in excess of 80 mph when it rolled.

[Submitted by Matthew E. Wallat, Law Enforcement Specialist]


NIFC/NPS Fire and Aviation Management
National Fire/Incident Situation Highlights

National Fire Activity – Preparedness Level 1

NIFC is at Preparedness Level 1.

Fire Weather Forecast

Daily fire weather reports are not yet available. To see a NOAA map of today’s critical fire weather areas, click on this link:

Fire Summary (Five Day Trend)

NICC daily fire summaries are not yet available.

NPS Fire Summaries

Big Cypress NP – There was little activity on the Mud Lake Complex fires yesterday. Today, crews will continue to monitor existing containment lines, mop up fire perimeter, improve planned containment lines, provide point protection and, where appropriate, rehabilitate fire edges to meet agency standards. A Type 1 IMT (Dueitt) has been assigned to the complex; at present, 335 firefighters and overhead are committed. For additional information, including maps and photos, go to this InciWeb site.


For additional information on all fires, check the following web sites:

Archived NPS fire news –


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Below-Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season Likely In 2015

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will likely be below-normal, but that’s no reason to believe coastal areas will have it easy.

For the hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 - November 30, NOAA is predicting a 70 percent likelihood of 6 to 11 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 3 to 6 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including zero to 2 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher). While a below-normal season is likely (70 percent), there is also a 20 percent chance of a near-normal season, and a 10 percent chance of an above-normal season.

NOAA also issued its outlook for the Eastern Pacific and Central Pacific basins.

For the Eastern Pacific hurricane basin, NOAA’s 2015 outlook is for a 70 percent chance of an above-normal hurricane season. That outlook calls for a 70 percent probability of 15-22 named storms, of which 7-12 are expected to become hurricanes, including 5-8 major hurricanes.

For the Central Pacific hurricane basin, NOAA’s outlook is for a 70 percent chance of an above-normal season with 5-8 tropical cyclones likely.

For more information on the coming season, click on the link below.
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Fire and Aviation Management
Members Sought For NPS Administrative Payment Teams

The National Park Service is recruiting NPS employees to serve on Administrative Payment Teams (APTs). Currently, the NPS has three APTs that provide administrative support and on-the-spot payment capability for emergency incidents. Use of these teams ensures the economic solvency of communities adjacent to public lands impacted by emergency incidents. In 2014, the APTs processed incident payments for BLM, BIA, and NPS in excess of $31 million.

NPS APTs have a need for specialists such as administrative officers, budget analysts, and other administrative support positions. Providing this critical administrative support to areas impacted by wildfire and all-hazard emergencies is vital to the Service, and the APTs need more trained employees to meet future demands. All individuals nominated previously, whether selected or not, will need to reapply to ensure future consideration. This recruitment is for a cadre of qualified individuals to be considered for APT assignments.

APT assignments are generally no more than 14 days, not including travel. Work assignments involve 12-hour workdays, often in temporary office space. APT members and leaders typically stay in hotels in towns adjacent to the incident. Individual participants may experience substantial disruption of work and personal lives due to the nature and length of the call-outs.

Those interested in fulfilling a role as an APT leader or member must have full supervisory support. Once committed, team members and leaders are generally unable to return to their home unit until released from the incident. Because incidents often occur during summer vacation months and end-of-the-fiscal-year close-outs, it is critical to have a firm commitment on availability from the individuals and from their supervisors. Use of emergency suppression funds is authorized to cover team members’ and leaders’ base-8, travel, and overtime when assigned to a wildfire incident. Use of all-hazard incident funds is authorized to cover travel and overtime when mobilized to an all-hazard incident.

The NPS Fire Management Program Center maintains the roster of interested employees who wish to serve in an emergency capacity on one of the APTs. The rosters are developed by completing an online application. Participants on APTs are selected based on the skill-sets needed during the incidents and on the member’s availability.

Interested employees should obtain approval from their immediate supervisor and complete the application form located at The application should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Questions include professional interest, technical qualifications, and incident business training. Please include all contact information -- name, work phone number, and government e-mail address -- in the application. However, do not include any protected personal information (PII), such as personal address, personal phone, etc. A Privacy Act statement is available upon request.

The online application will remain open through June 5, 2015. By mid- to late June, nominees will be notified regarding a webinar that will cover expectations, roles, responsibilities, and intent.As APTs are mobilized, team members and trainees will be selected on a rotational basis from the roster developed through this recruitment.

For further information regarding the APTs, roles and responsibilities, or the application questions, please contact any of the following:

  • Team 1: Co-leaders: Vicky Smith, Lake Meredith NRA, 806.857.3151, x313; or Rose Pollard, 806.274.6180 or 806.886.8600
  • Team 2: Debra Ledford, Southeast Regional Office, 404.507.5646
  • Team 3: Connie Dworak, Midwest Regional Office, 402.601.1678
  • APT coordinator: Christine Peters, NPS-NIFC, 208.407.6558

[Submitted by Christine Peters,, 208.407.6558]

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Intermountain Region
Granddad, Grandson “Find Their Park” 100 Years Apart

Petrified Forest NP has been a national park for more than a century, and many families have been able to “find their park” there across multiple generations. One such generational journey was completed when members of a Maryland family arrived at the park earlier this month.

Scott Bunting IV of Colora, Maryland, rode his motorcycle across the U.S., following the path of an epic, 8,760-mile journey made 100 years ago by his grandfather, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, cattle farmer Scott Bunting II, then just 28 years old.

Making the trip even more compelling and special is that today’s Scott Bunting, 63, lives with Stage 4 cancer. Despite this challenge, he was able to stop at nearly 100 points along the route to re-photograph images that his grandfather left behind from his 1915 trip.

One such stop was at the Long Logs site in Petrified Forest, where Bunting’s grandfather had his picture taken a century ago by fellow farmer and traveling companion R. Spencer McClure Jr. With the help of Ranger Kip Woolford and other Petrified Forest staff, Bunting and his family were able to find the exact location, 100 years later. There, they posed as Petrified Forest’s Hallie Larsen snapped their picture.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have had a clue. They were absolutely fantastic. I can’t say enough about Petrified Forest,” said Bunting, an Army Corps of Engineers retiree who began the trip with his sister and brother-in-law and a friend on April 26th, 100 years to the day after his grandfather. But where Scott Bunting II’s journey in a 1911 Ford Model T took three months, Scott Bunting IV finished his run via modern motorcycle in just three weeks, on May 17th. Other national park stops by grandfather and grandson included Grand Canyon NP and Yosemite NP.

Park staffers were honored to have Scott Bunting IV as a guest of the park the weekend of May 2nd. They celebrate that grandfather and grandson (who was born four years after his namesake died) both could “Find Their Park” at Petrified Forest a century apart, virtually on the eve of the NPS Centennial.

[Submitted by Richard Ullmann,, 928-524-6228 Ext. 245]

NPS Career Academy for VRP
Jennifer Di Bella Selected As Learning and Development Chief

The new head of Learning and Development for the National Park Service is Jennifer Di Bella, who is currently the learning strategy architect for the Peace Corps. Jennifer (who goes by JJ) will be assume her duties around June 1st.

Prior to assuming her current position, JJ served 17 years with the Peace Corps, most recently as learning strategy architect, with a lead role in assessing staff training and development globally and the creation of a learning strategy for professional development of overseas programming and training staff at 64 posts worldwide.

In 2011, she was appointed by the Peace Corps director to lead a global change initiative called "Focus In/Train Up", targeted at improving and better assessing volunteer work and training globally. She was presented with the director’s distinguished service award in 2012.

During her tenure with Peace Corps, she has held a variety of positions, including Peace Corps volunteer teacher trainer in the eastern Caribbean, recruiter and recruitment coordinator in the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Office, associate Peace Corps director of education and director of programming and training in Peace Corps/Zambia, and professional development specialist and expert consultant at Peace Corps Headquarters, training overseas staff and assisting with new country entries, special projects, and leading global training initiatives. 

JJ is also a certified professional co-active coach. She is a member of the Federal Coaching Network and coaches senior executive service employees. She is a self-described life-long learner with a bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and a master's degree in education from George Mason University. 

"JJ brings to the NPS a wealth of experience and knowledge that she will apply to leading the Learning and Development Program nationwide for the National Park System," said Associate Director of Workforce and Inclusion Mike Reynolds. "We will be arranging an on-boarding process with many of you so JJ can get to know you and your needs over the next few months.  On behalf of the NPS and the Workforce Team, we offer a warm welcome to JJ."

[Submitted by Mike Reynolds, 202-219-1326]


Fire and Aviation Management
Fire Communication and Education Specialist (Detail)

Dates: 05/22/2015 - 05/31/2015

Opportunity: Acting Fire Communication and Education Specialist, Boise, Idaho

Target Audience: This opportunity is available to individuals in the National Park Service or other agencies / bureaus who wish to be considered for a temporary detail. This is a temporary assignment up to 120 days. At the end of the assignment, the candidate will return to his or her regular duties.

Opening Date: May 22, 2015

Closing Date: May 31, 2015

Entrance on Duty:  Negotiable, although a target date of June 15, 2015 is preferred

Location: Boise, Idaho

Brief Description of Detail Opportunity:  Candidate will serve as Acting Fire Communication and Education Specialist. He / She will be responsible for: 

  • Providing coordination and facilitation of communication activities, programs, and policies for the Division of Fire and Aviation and its branches
  • Disseminating program guidance and direction regarding fire communication and education to the regions and parks
  • Assisting with content updates and working with SMEs related to materials to be posted on
  • Serving as NIFC Public Information Officer (PIO) Lead on a rotating schedule – providing media interviews and responding to media and public information requests

Funding: The Branch of Communication and Education will pay salary, travel, and per diem during this assignment.  Government housing is not available although short-term rentals and other lodging is available nearby.

To Apply:  If you are interested in this assignment, you must discuss this opportunity with your first- line supervisor and obtain concurrence from your superintendent or manager prior to applying. Once approval is gained, you should submit: 

  1. A resume, no more than two pages, detailing your work history, educational background, and any special qualifications
  2. An SF-50 reflecting your tenure and current grade level

NOTE: Please redact or remove any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as SSN or DOB from any documents that are submitted.

Submit your application materials electronically to no later than May 31, 2015. Please include “Acting Fire Communication and Education Specialist Opportunity” in the subject line of the message.

Contact Tina Boehle by email or at 208-387-5875 with any additional questions you may have about this opportunity.

[Submitted by Tina Boehle,, 208.387.5875]

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Intermountain Region
GS-0025-11 Supervisory Interpretive Ranger (Detail)

Dates: 05/22/2015 - 06/10/2015

 Detail opportunity - GS-0025-11 Supervisory park ranger (I)

 Who May Apply: This announcement is open to Career and Career Conditional NPS employees who wish to be considered for a detail or temporary promotion opportunity not to exceed (NTE) 120 days.

Duty Station: Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK

Overview: Oklahoma City National Memorial is seeking a GS-9 or 11 to serve a detail/temporary promotion as the GS-11 Supervisory Park Ranger. The Supervisory Park Ranger will serve as the operations leader of the interpretive division at the Oklahoma City NM during the busy summer season.  The supervisory park ranger will be supervised by the Oklahoma State Coordinator/Chickasaw NRA Superintendent who is duty-stationed at Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  As the operations lead, the ranger will create staff schedules, coordinate special event and educational program staffing, provide support for ranger and volunteer projects, and provide regular reports to the supervisor.  Detail/temporary promotion is not to exceed 120 days.

Area Information: The Oklahoma City National Memorial is located in downtown Oklahoma City on a 3.3 acre Outdoor Symbolic Memorial built to remember “those who were killed, those who survived, and those changed forever” by the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The Memorial and Museum are owned by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation. The National Park Service serves as a partner to the Foundation, staffing the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial.  The Foundation staffs a 30,000 square foot Interactive Learning Museum, which takes the visitor through a timeline of events before and after the bombing.  The National Park Service also partners with the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, which trains Federal, state, and local law enforcement in preventing future acts of terrorism.  Oklahoma City is the state capital and the largest city in Oklahoma.  Its population is about 610,613, while the metropolitan area includes 1.3 million people.  Summers are typically hot with fairly high humidity.  Highly rated hospitals, churches, public recreation opportunities, and major universities are abundant throughout the metropolitan area.

Position Benefits and Qualifications: This is a wonderful opportunity for interpretive leaders to develop and demonstrate strong operational and communication skills.  Oklahoma City NM has an interesting and dynamic interpretive operation with multiple guided walks, talks, service learning opportunities, and educational programs.  The Supervisory Park Ranger detail/temporary promotion selectee will lead a group of 5-10 deeply committed park guides, interns, and volunteers.  Successful candidate should have experience developing and presenting interpretive programs, scheduling, training new employees, and excellent communication skills with members of the public.

Additional Information: During this detail/temporary promotion, salary will continue to be paid by the selectee’s home park.  If the position is a temporary promotion, Oklahoma City NM will pay the difference between original salary and temporary promotion salary.  Travel and per diem will be paid by Oklahoma City NM.  Furnished government housing is not available for this assignment.  Please contact Jack Attig, Chief of Administration, at 580-622-7201 or with additional questions about the detail/temporary promotion opportunity.

To Apply: Interested individuals should discuss this opportunity with their immediate supervisor and obtain concurrence before applying.  Applicants should email Jack Attig (, chief of Administration, explaining their interest and qualifications in an abbreviated résumé by Wednesday, June 10. Interested individuals must include the following information in their submissions:

  • Name, position title, series, and grade
  • Current duty station
  • Supporting letter or email from immediate supervisor
  • Copy of the most recent SF-50 showing current position

[Submitted by Jack Attig,, 580-622-7201]

Big Bend National Park (TX)
GS-0025-13 Chief Ranger (Detail)

Big Bend National Park is seeking candidates for a detail of 90 to 120 days as the park’s ?chief ranger. The announcement closes on ?June 7th. The EOD date will be ?July 20th.

The selectee will be responsible for the overall management of Big Bend National Park’s resource and visitor protection programs and operations in one of the largest and most diverse national parks in the United States, encompassing over 801,000 acres. ?Responsibilities include managing 245 miles of the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River which makes up the international border with Mexico. The division's budget is approximately $2.5 million with currently 25-30 employees.

The person selected will serve on the park's management team and advise the superintendent on issues of law enforcement, emergency medical services, visitor services, campground operations, aviation, search and rescue, resource management and protection, and public safety. The park enjoys an excellent working relationship with Department of Homeland Security employees and the Chief Ranger is the lead contact with Border Patrol and Customs employees, some who are residents within the park.

Other duties include program oversight of the? wildland and structural fire programs, search and rescue, dispatch operations, HIDTA, and emergency services programs, as well as management of the Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry, a Class "B" pedestrian port into Mexico. The park also has a full time ranger/pilot and fixed wing aircraft program.

This position requires a National Park Service Level I Law Enforcement Commission.

During this detail, salary will continue to be paid by the selectee’s home park. Travel and per diem will be paid by Big Bend. Government housing will be utilized for this assignment and paid for by Big Bend.

Interested individuals should discuss the opportunity with their first-line supervisor and obtain concurrence from the Superintendent or Manager prior to applying. Once approval is gained, interested individuals should submit a resume detailing work history, educational background, and any special qualifications they might possess. Please include your current title, series, grade, and references on your resume. Resumes should be submitted by electronic mail to no later than June 7th..

This is a detail opportunity, not a temporary promotion. Selectee’s salary will remain the same. Please contact Superintendent Cindy Ott-Jones, at 432-477-1102 or Chief Ranger Allen Etheridge, at 432-477-1185 with additional questions about the detail opportunity.

Pacific West Region
GS-0303-6/7 Administrative Support Assistant (Detail)

Dates: 05/21/2015 - 05/29/2015

Mount Rainier National Park is seeking candidates for a detail of 90 to 120 days as an administrative support assistant for the Superintendent's Office while a permanent candidate is recruited and hired to fill an upcoming vacancy at the GS-6/7 level.

This opportunity is available to qualified individuals in the National Park Service currently at the GS-07 level. It is a temporary assignment beginning in mid-June and extending through mid-September or October (flexible end dates).

The Administrative Support Assistant for the Superintendent's office is responsible for:

  • Providing federal financial support functions including financial reconciliation and  assisting in budget preparation and administration.  
  • Provide human resources support functions including, payroll, travel and serving as liaison for OWCP program.  
  • Coordinate property inventory, purchasing, procurement and account information with administrative and clerical staff.
  • Perform office automation functions including maintaining tracking logs and central files; typing correspondence; reserving office space; distributing mail; and providing general office support services.
  • Assisting Superintendents' office staff with incoming calls, meeting scheduling, and coordinating with the management team, other park staff, park partners, and the press.

During this assignment, salary will be paid by Mount Rainier at the same rate as the selectee’s home park. Travel and reduced per diem will be paid by Mount Rainier (lodging provided in park housing with reduced per diem consistent with NPS travel policies).

If you are interested in this temporary assignment, you must discuss this opportunity with your first-line supervisor and obtain concurrence from your manager prior to applying. Once approval is gained, you should submit:

  1. A resume, no more than two pages, detailing your work history, educational background and any special qualifications.
  2. An SF-50 reflecting your tenure and current grade level.

Submit your application materials electronically to no later than May 29th. Please include “MORA Admin Support Assistant” in the subject line of the message. Please also copy your application to the park's Deputy Superintendent, Tracy Swartout at

Please contact Deputy Superintendent, Tracy Swartout at or 360-569-6502 with any additional questions you may have about this opportunity.

[Submitted by Tracy Swartout,, 360-569-6502]