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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Death Valley National Park (CA)
Two Day Search Ends With Rescue

On the evening of Monday, March 23rd, rangers received a report that a visitor was stranded on a ledge in Golden Canyon, a popular hiking area in Death Valley. Rangers hiked the trail system by headlamp but were unable to locate the visitor.

On Tuesday, park personnel were able to make voice contact with the nab, who was trapped at the top of a series of dry waterfalls, some of which were greater than 100 feet high. Rangers directed a U.S. Navy search and rescue helicopter to his location, where he was hoisted into the aircraft without incident.

He was flown to the Furnace Creek Airfield, where he was medically evaluated and debriefed. He said that he left the main trail system and began following a series of social trails until he became “cliffed out”. Once he realized that he was trapped he sheltered in place overnight and awaited rescue.

Search and rescue efforts were supported by members of protection, fee collection, interpretation, resource management, maintenance, and management branches, as well as military personnel from the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. 

[Submitted by J.D. Updegraff, District Ranger]


Shiloh National Military Park (TN)
Shiloh Then-and-Now Photo Goes Viral

Shiloh National Military Park recently experienced its most popular Facebook posting since joining the social media site in 2011. The post, featuring a then-and-now photograph of the 5th Ohio Cavalry monument on the battlefield ,reached more than 135,000 people in less than twenty-four hours, far surpassing any of the park’s previous posts.

In addition to the large number of reached individuals, the posts also garnered more than 7,000 collective “likes,” hundreds of comments, and generated almost 200 more “fans” of the Shiloh page.

“As the National Park Service begins its Centennial celebration, social media will allow us to engage our audience in new and exciting ways,” said Superintendent Dale Wilkerson. “We normally see 80,000 people in the visitor center every year, and this one post touched more people than we have ever collectively addressed.  The response was fantastic.”

The image, taken by Law Enforcement Ranger Dwight Paulk, features a 1902 photograph of the newly-placed Fifth Ohio Cavalry monument, overlaid with its appearance today. The Fifth Ohio had three battalions of troopers on the field at Shiloh – the First and Second Battalions attached to Brigadier General Stephen Hurlbut’s Division and Third Battalion with Major General Lew Wallace’s Division during the battle.

Ohio was the first state to erect and dedicate monuments on Shiloh Battlefield. They would place 34 monuments in total, at a cost of $45,140 in 1902. The dedication took place on June 6th of that year with Judge David Pugh, a veteran of the 46th Ohio Infantry, officially turning over the monuments to the federal government in front of a crowd of 2,000 spectators.

The monuments themselves are constructed of Barre granite and were built by the Hughes Granite Company of Clyde, Ohio.  Today the battlefield contains around 800 state monuments, mortuary monuments, headquarters monuments, position markers, and camp tablets.

[Submitted by Chris Mekow]

Workforce, Relevancy and Inclusion
Death Of Jeffrey Davies’ Son

Our thoughts are with Jeffrey Davies, deputy ethics counselor and ethics program director for the NPS, who laid his oldest son, Carlos Ramond James, to rest on March 14th following his tragic murder, which took place on March 5th in Garland, North Carolina.

Carlos was shot and killed during a robbery attempt by two unknown assailants who were later apprehended and charged in the killing.

Carlos resided with his father during most of his childhood years, living in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Mullins, South Carolina.  He was very active in sports during his school years and played baseball for South Hills Middle school and varsity football for Mullins High school. 

Upon graduation, Carlos received his barber’s license from James Sprunt Community College and was employed with Sharpe Cuts II Barber Shop in Jacksonville, North Carolina, at the time of his death.  Carlos was named employee of the year in 2014 by his employer.

An obituary can be found and online tributes to Carlos and notes to the family can be posted at the link below.

[Submitted by Angela Hargrove]

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Pacific West Region
Region Receives Advisory Council On Historic Preservation Award

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) has presented its Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation to the Discover SF! Summer Youth Program which connects students to the historic and cultural treasures of the San Francisco area.

The Discover SF! Summer Youth Program was initiated three years ago by San Francisco Heritage and joined by the National Park Service’s Pacific West Region in its second year. Other instrumental local partners are the Galing Bata After-School Program and the Filipino American Development Foundation.

“The most important single factor in the future of historic preservation is involving more Americans, especially young ones, in direct personal experience of historic places so they understand the significance of their individual and collective heritages in the great story of the nation,” said Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, ACHP chairman and former California State Historic Preservation Officer.  “This program is a worthy model for similar efforts across the nation.”

The program introduces middle school students to the rich history, landscapes, and architecture of San Francisco and exposes them to the field of heritage conservation through interactive field trips, learning activities, and presentations from preservation professionals. In 2013 and 2014, a group of approximately 25 students participated each summer.  The program stretches across five weeks, one day a week and provides an opportunity for students to traverse the city and learn about its rich, layered history.  Exposing students to sites significant to local Filipino/Filipino American history is a critical part of the program to date.  The Pacific West Region’s partnership with SF Heritage will continue under a five-year cooperative agreement.

The award was presented by Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, ACHP chairman and former California State Historic Preservation Officer and ACHP Expert Member Robert Stanton, former Director of the National Park Service on March 18th at the Chinese Historical Society Museum located in San Francisco, California.  Pacific West Regional Director Christine Lehnertz, National Historic Landmarks Program Manager Dr. Elaine Jackson-Retondo and Cultural Landscape Inventory Coordinator Vida Germano accepted the award on behalf of the NPS.

A short video explaining the program is available at

Historical Documentation Programs
Nominations Sought For 2015 Leicester B. Holland Prize

Heard about the Leicester B. Holland Prize: A Single-Sheet Measured Drawing Competition?

The Holland Prize is an annual competition, open to both students and professionals, that recognizes the best single-sheet measured drawing of an historic building, site, or structure prepared to Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) or Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) standards for inclusion in the HABS/HAER/HALS Collection at The Library of Congress.

The winner of the 2015 Holland Prize will receive a $1,000 cash prize, a certificate of recognition, and publication of the winning drawing in Preservation Architect, the online newsletter of The American Institute of Architects' Historic Resources Committee. Merit awards may also be given.
There is no charge to enter the competition. Entry forms must be submitted by May 31st and completed entries postmarked by June 30th.

Download the competition entry form and learn details at .

[Submitted by Robert R. Arzola,, 202-354-2170]

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Natural Resource Stewardship and Science
GS-0340-14 OEO Program Manager (Detail)

Position: Program Manager, GS-0340-14

Duration: Full-Time, not to exceed 120 days

Open/Closing Dates: March 30 through April 10, 2015

Duty Station: Washington, DC or Fort Collins

Overview: The NRSS Office of Education and Outreach (OEO) is the communications branch of the NRSS Directorate, reaching out to internal and external audiences about natural resource issues.  OEO helps plan, develop, and deliver compelling natural resource information and stories so the public, opinion makers, legislators, and other constituents understand, value, and support our national parks and the science-based management decisions that are designed to protect park resources now and into the future.

The selectee will be responsible for overall OEO management and operations, including supervising a staff of six.  In addition to managing the on-going operations of OEO, the acting program manager will also manage an external review of OEO's role and function within NRSS.  The communications needs of NRSS are broad, covering topics of interest to the eight NRSS divisions, as well as to NRSS overall.  Some of these needs are currently served by OEO, while others are served in the individual divisions.  This review will define the role and function of OEO and identify options for office organization, including the number, series, grade, and location of staff.  Finally, the acting program manager will manage the recruitment of the permanent OEO program manager (assume he or she is not also a candidate).

To qualify, candidates must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-13 level in Federal service. Candidates will be evaluated based on their:

  • Ability to manage a program, provide leadership, and supervise communications specialists that are responsible for providing quality products and services to internal and external customers;
  • Knowledge of the practical application of communication science as it relates to natural resources;
  • Skill in communicating the importance of science-based natural resource management to encourage stewardship of park values.

During this detail/temporary promotion, salary, travel, per diem and temporary promotion costs will be paid by OEO. Government housing is not available for this assignment.

To Apply: Interested individuals should discuss this opportunity with their immediate supervisor and obtain concurrence prior to applying.  Those who want to apply should send an e-mail to Bruce Peacock ( that explains their interest and qualifications in an abbreviated resume.  Please highlight the ability, knowledge, and skill described above.

Interested individuals must include the following information in their submissions.

  • Name, position title, series, grade
  • Current duty station
  • Supporting letter or e-mail from your immediate supervisor
  • Copy of the most recent SF-50 showing current position

[Submitted by Bruce Peacock,, 970-267-2106]

Cultural Resources
Administrative Assistant (Detail)

Dates: 03/27/2015 - 04/08/2015

Detail or Temporary Promotion Opportunity

National Park Service, Cultural Resources, Stewardship, And Science is seeking a highly-motivated, detail oriented NPS employee interested in gaining experience and developing skills in administration, communication, and collaboration. The selectee will help provide the full range of administrative activities and services required to support the Directorate’s mission. This position is ideal for individuals with strong oral and written communication skills, time management skills, and proficiency using Concur, QuickTime, FPPS and WebEx. Duties may vary based on program need and skills of the employee selected. The position is located in the Directorate’s Business Office located at 1201 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC, between the Metro Center and McPherson Square subway stations.

Area of Consideration: This announcement is open to all NPS employees who wish to be considered for a detail opportunity NTE 120 days or less.

Salary or TDY travel:  CRPS will pay either salary or TDY travel expenses depending on park/office preference.

Assignment:  The detail/temporary promotion will begin as soon as possible

Application Process:  Please email a letter of interest that states the strengths you bring to the position and professional development you hope to gain from the detail; written consent from your supervisor; and a resume or description of your relevant expertise and skills to by April 8, 2015.

Duties of the Position: 

Helps program staff prepare travel authorizations and vouchers. Prepares travel authorizations and travel vouchers, makes travel arrangements, prepares detailed itineraries, and resolves associated travel issues/problems for invitational travelers.

Conducts property inventory for the Directorate’s programs. Assists Business Office staff with controlling, monitoring and documenting property.  Ensures property forms are correctly completed and signed, and the appropriate staff has copies. Assists in the management of central property management files for the Office.  Collaborates with the Business Office on issues such as purchases, transfers, and surplusing equipment.

Assists the Business Office staff with records management responsibilities, including but not limited to electronic retiring of official correspondence files; and, packaging and shipping documents to National Archives repositories nationwide in compliance with Government-wide records management guidelines. 

Serves as time keeper, providing technical assistance or backup assistance to other administrative and program staff as necessary.

Locates sources of desired training and obtains relevant information including cost, payment procedures, class availability, location, etc.  Assists program staff with online class registrations and transcripts. Prepares requests for conference approval for program staff if necessary.

Prepares official correspondence for signature, tracks and maintains electronic records of such for the Directorate, including the Office of the Associate Director. Ensures accuracy and completeness of correspondence, including format, grammar, punctuation, and compliance with NPS Correspondence Guidelines. Reviews incoming correspondence, determines proper action, at times preparing answers before referring to the author or supervisor. 

Ensure the Directorate’s copier equipment is in full operational condition daily, or schedules a maintenance appointment by close of business the same day.  Ensures copier rooms are clean and supply caches are orderly, and adequately stocked with supplies.

Assists in the implementation of new or improved business processes. Makes recommendations and participates in Business Office administrative meetings to develop standard operating procedures and business practices with a goal to eliminate administrative bottlenecks and improve services provided.

Assists with WebEx and virtual conference setup and administration.

Provides administrative support to the immediate Office of the Associate Director, Partnerships and Science, and Director.  Screens visitors and incoming telephone calls from other DOI offices, government agencies, organizations, or Directorate staff.