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Indian Henry's Hunting Ground via Longmire Trail

Trail route from Longmire to Indian Henry's Hunting Ground/ SW.
A map of the Indian Henry's Hunting Ground trail route from Longmire. Use of a topographic map of area is recommended.

Trail Description:

Distance, round-trip:

13 miles

Elevation gain:

2400 feet

Hiking time, round-trip:

8 hours

Wilderness camps:

Devil's Dream
Pyramid Creek

Note: This route begins at Longmire along the the Wonderland Trail. An alternate route along Kautz Creek Trail also goes to Indian Henrys Hunting Ground. See separately listed page.

The trailhead is located across the street from the museum and main parking area and is on the same side of the street as the Administration Building.

It trail begins at Longmire and joins the Wonderland Trail approximately 0.1 mile above Longmire. In another 0.1 mile the trail crosses the Longmire/Paradise road and enters old growth forest and climbs somewhat steeply for 1.7 miles to the junction with the Rampart Ridge Trail. From there the trail descends to Kautz Creek which is crossed on a log bridge. Inquire about the status of this crossing since washouts are not uncommon. After about 1.3 miles, the trail reaches Pyramid Creek Camp. From there it ascends via a series of switchbacks, crosses Fishers Hornpipe Creek, and traverses along a ridge to Devils Dream Camp (5 miles from Longmire). The trail then rises gradually for another mile before reaching the ranger patrol Cabin in the meadows of Indian Henrys.

Along the Trail:

The lower reaches have marshy areas in the old growth forest along with streams along the trail. Kautz Creek is a spot often used for a lunch break by travelers, as is Pyramid Creek (just past the Pyramid Creek Camp). From Pyramid Creek to Devils Dream the trail is mainly in old growth forest. Just before Devils Dream Camp is a stream in a deep narrow canyon. This stream is commonly used as a water source for hikers and campers. Shortly after passing Devils Dream Camp the trail reaches the beautiful Squaw Lake area with small meadows providing partial views of Iron Mountain. From there the trail passes several small streams and meadows which open to the west, and soon reaches the many large meadows of Indian Henrys Hunting Ground. About ¼ mile beyond the ranger cabin is the way trail to Mirror Lake (0.7 mile) and the base of Pyramid Peak. From Indian Henrys, the Wonderland Trail descends to Tahoma Creek and the suspension bridge leading to Emerald Ridge and South Puyallup Camp. Indian Henrys is noted for its magnificent display of flowers which begins typically in mid-July and extend into late August. In September and October these meadows also have significant displays of fall colors.


Permits are required for all overnight backcountry travel. Permits, camp locations, and regulations for backcountry travel may be obtained from the Longmire Wilderness Information Center (or Longmire Museum in the winter), ranger stations, and visitor centers. Backpackers may camp at Pyramid Creek 3 miles from Longmire or Devils Dream 5 miles from Longmire.

Did You Know?

Tahoma Creek suspension bridge

The 93 mile Wonderland Trail encircles the mountain offering hikers commanding views of Mount Rainier blanketed by 25 icy glaciers. The trail leads through extensive subalpine meadows of wildflowers and lowland old growth forest. The Tahoma Creek suspension bridge is part of the Wonderland Trail.