Gobblers Knob Trail

Trail route from Westside Road to Gobblers Knob/ SW.

A map of the Gobbler's Knob Trail route from Westside Road. Use of a topographic map is recommended.

Trail Description:
Lake George
Gobblers Knob
Distance, round-trip:
8.8 miles
9.8 miles
Elevation gain:
390 feet
1585 feet
Hiking time, round-trip:
5 hours
6-7 hours
Wilderness camps:
Lake George

Lake George is a pristine mountain lake nestled in the northwest shoulder of Mount Wow. The rock outcrop of Gobblers Knob is situated at the north end of Mount Wow, a mountain whose name means "goat".

Take the Westside Road to the gate at Dry Creek (approximately 3 miles from the start of the road). Due to danger from rock fall, vehicles must park south of the barricade at Dry Creek. Hikers and bicyclists should travel through the area with caution and avoid lingering in the rock fall hazard zone.

Hike up the closed portion of the road to Round Pass and the trailhead (approximately 4 miles). The hike to Lake George is easy with a gradual incline. The hike to Gobblers Knob Lookout is an additional 1.5 miles and much steeper.

Along the Trail:
Enjoy the shoreline of Lake George and spectacular views of Mount Rainier and the Tahoma Glacier from Gobblers Knob. On a clear day the peaks of Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and the Olympic Mountains are visible. The fire lookout has been in use since the 1930s.
Backpacking: Permits are required for camping. Permits and trail conditions are available park-wide from wilderness information centers, ranger stations, and visitor centers. Fires are prohibited. No pets on trails. Treat water before drinking.

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