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A park geologist leans against a massive boulder left behind by the Kautz Creek mudflow.

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GeoScience Teacher-in-the-Park Summer Internships
Mount Rainier National Park is pleased to announce an opportunity for classroom teachers to intern at the park during the summer season. In partnership with the National Association of GeoScience Teachers, two teachers will work alongside the Park Geologist and Regional Geomorphologist on a variety of research projects examining the park's landscape response to climate change.

Internship Announcement

Application Deadline: March 31, 2015

For questions, please contact the Scott Beason, Park Geologist, by email.

A Teacher-Ranger working near a lake in Mount Rainier National Park.

A Teacher-Ranger working near a subalpine lake.

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Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program
The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program provides opportunities for selected teachers to connect to resources in a national park by spending the summer working as a park ranger. The program focuses on teachers from schools with ethnically diverse student populations, who have had little or no experience with a national park, or little opportunity to explore the relevance parks can have in their lives or the lives of their students. The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Program is a partnership relationship between the teacher, their school district, and the park and is managed through a formal agreement.

Teacher-Ranger-Teachers perform various duties depending on their interests and the needs of the park, including developing curriculum-based materials, presenting interpretive programs for the general public, staffing the visitor centers, helping to lead teacher workshops or taking on special projects.

Once teachers return to their schools, teacher-rangers bring their national park experience into their classroom throughout the school year. During National Park Week in April, teacher-rangers wear their NPS uniform to school and engage students and other teachers in activities that relate to their NPS experience.

The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program provides a $3,000 living stipend for full-time work. Shared park housing is also provided.

Application - 2015
Informational Flyer
For more information, please email the park Education Specialist.

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