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Two Mountains, Two Peoples

Climbers on Mount Rainier (left) and Mount Fuji (right).
Climbers on Mount Rainier (left) and Mount Fuji (right).
Overview: This activity gives students the chance to explore and create a multimedia presentation of their own by undertaking a comparative study of Mount Fuji and Mount Rainier. The scope is wide enough to allow for a variety of themes to be pursued.
Grade Level:
9 -12
Objectives: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the significance of Mount Fuji and Mount Rainier to their respective societies by creating and presenting to the class a multimedia presentation.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to evaluate sources by creating an annotated bibliography in standard format detailing the resources used.

Lesson Plans:
Two Mountains, Two Peoples - word, 45KB
Two Mountains, Two Peoples - pdf, 506KB
Two Mountains, Two Peoples Rubric
Example: Example Student Powerpoint

Did You Know?

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The Paradise meadows were once home to a golf course, rope tows for skiers, an auto campground, and rows of tent cabins. All of these activities damaged the meadows, as does walking off-trail. Management practices have changed over the years, and we now protect and restore our precious subalpine meadows.