• Mount Rainier peeks through clouds, viewed across subalpine wildflowers and glacial moraine.

    Mount Rainier

    National Park Washington

Facing the Future at Mount Rainier: A Simulated Public Meeting

Flood damage to the Carbon River Road at Mount Rainier National Park.
Flood damage to the Carbon River Road at Mount Rainier National Park.
NPS Photo
Overview: Analyzing a situation and making a reasoned decision by using document-based evidence is a keystone of critical thinking and helping students learn how to make and support their positions and decision. In this lesson, students have an opportunity to analyze documents and maps to help them participate successfully in a simulated public meeting based on a Document Based Question (DBQ).
Grade Level:
6 - 12
Objectives: Students will be able to:
  • Analyze primary and secondary documents
  • Take a position on a multifaceted, controversial problem
  • Develop a well-reasoned position with document-based support
  • Participate in a simulated public meeting
  • Optional: Write a persuasive essay
Lesson Plan:
Facing the Future - word, 115KB
Facing the Future - pdf, 668KB
Materials: Facing the Future- Background
Facing the Future- Roles
Facing the Future- Documents
Facing the Future- Document Analysis Forms
Facing the Future- Options Comparison Chart
Facing the Future- Rubric
Facing the Future- History of Carbon Road Flooding

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