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    Mormon Pioneer

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The Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail is recognized as a nationally significant resource relevant to the westward expansion of the United States. Although administered by the National Park Service, it is not like a typical national park with borders. Rather, it is an historic "road" or route used by hundreds of thousands of emigrants between the mid 1840s and early 1870s as they made their way west to begin a new life or to seek their fortune.

Operating hours and seasons for trail resources and sites of interest along this 1,300 mile route vary with each site and facility. Many private and agency museums and interpretive centers exist from Illinois to Utah. Please visit the Links & Resources page for a listing of trail managers and contact information, as well as a bibliography of suggested reading materials.

Auto Tour Route Maps, which follow modern highways that approximate the historic route are available within this web site, and a list of Suggested Trail Sites to visit will enhance your trail experience.

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Did You Know?

Little Emmigration Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah.

After leaving Ft. Bridger, the Mormon Pioneer Company followed a rough route described by mountain man Jim Bridger toward a valley on the west side of the mountains. The climb up through this canyon would take them to a high vantage point and their first glimpse of the Great Salt Lake Valley. More...