• Martin's Cove at Devil's Gate in Wyoming

    Mormon Pioneer

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Parade Ground at Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

Nearly all emigrants stopped at Fort Laramie to restock tsupplies and make wagon repairs before heading across the Rockies.

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The Mormon Pioneer Trail closely followed the route taken by emigrants heading to the Oregon and California territories in the 1840s - 60s.

In the early 1860s, the Pony Express mail service followed the Great Platte River Road across Nebraska and the Sweetwater River in Wyoming. When it reached the Salt Lake Valley, it continued across the deserts of the Great Basin and into California.

The Mormon Pioneer, Oregon, California, and Pony Express are all designated as national historic trails. Although the Mormons tried hard to avoid contact with other emigrant travelers, at times they all crossed paths - sometimes by chance and sometimes out of necessity. You may find it interesting to look at these other trails and the stories and experiences they shared. Click on the links below to visit the web sites for these other trails.

Did You Know?

Fort Bridger Wyoming

Fort Bridger was one of the few trading posts on the Oregon, California, & Mormon Pioneer trails where pioneer emigrants could stop for refuge to repair their wagons and restock their supplies. From here the trails split to the northwest toward Oregon, or to the west toward Utah and California. More...