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In order to coordinate special park use events it is necessary to require permits for certain activities. These activities include special events, public assembly and meetings. To protect the resources and preserve the purpose of the park, permits are necessary for commercial photography, memorialization of human ashes, collecting of research specimens, sale or distribution of printed matter and for requests for events or services not offered to the general public. Permits may be downloaded via the links below and can also be requested by calling 301-662-3515 during park operating hours.

Special Use Permits and Fees

Applicants for a Special Use Permit will be charged $75.00 to cover the administrative costs of processing permits. The Superintendent may waive the cost for other government agencies and events that promote or contribute to the mission of the National Park Service at Monocacy National Battlefield. A First Amendment exception allows for small groups of 25 persons or fewer to demonstrate, or sell or distribute printed matter within the park's desginated areas (PDF, 91K) without a permit. Download a Special Use Permit application (PDF, 117K) or a Short-Form Special Use Permit (PDF, 112K).

Commercial Filming Regulations and Fees

Additional charges may apply, if the purpose of a Special Use, Commercial Photography or Commercial Filming permit requires the park staff to perform more than administrative action. Applicants will receive a written estimate of added costs, if any, after their application is reviewed. There are other requirements and procedures associated with special park uses; these are stipulated in National Park Service Director's Order #53 and Reference Manual #53.

Generally, a permit is required for any filming or photography that:

  • involves the use of a model, set, or prop; or
  • requires entry into a closed area; or
  • requires access to the park before or after normal working hours.

For specifics, please reference the regulations above or contact the park. Download a Long-Form Filming Permit (PDF, 189K) or Short-Form Filming Permit (PDF, 122K), as needed.

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