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Current Articles in the News

Recent Articles in the News

March 13, 2008 (Frederick NewsPost): Civil War enthusiasts find themselves prepared for battle

March 13, 2008 (Washington Post): 4 Area Sites Of Civil War Battles Listed As Imperiled

July 2, 2007 (Your4State.com): Park Officials Trying To Bring More Prestige To Monocacy Battlefield

June 29, 2007 (WJLA Channel 7): Monocacy Battlefield Opens New Visitor Center

June 28, 2007 (Frederick NewsPost): Welcome, you are here: Monocacy Battlefield opens new visitor center

June 27, 2007 (Frederick NewsPost): Historical proportions

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

White-tailed deer are found in abundance on the battlefield. The rising population of deer has an intense affect on the herbaceous and woody plants found within the park, and several studies have recently been conducted on the effects of the overpopulation of deer. More...