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While Monocacy National Battlefield has not yet conducted a grass inventory of the park, park staff will be conducting a warm season grasses project in the future. Approximately 15 acres of warm season grasses will be planted with the goal of increased diversity and abundance of ground nesting birds such as the vesper sparrow and the eastern meadowlark, as well as mammals such as the field mouse and the cottontail rabbit.

Meadows also provide increased riparian buffers to the nearby waterways, thus following regional Chesapeake Watershed Initiatives. Establishment of these meadows will also help in the preservation of the cultural landscape of the park by reducing invasive, non-native vegetation. In addition to implementing the warm season grasses project, a management plan for the future of the meadows will be created.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

White-tailed deer are found in abundance on the battlefield. The rising population of deer has an intense affect on the herbaceous and woody plants found within the park, and several studies have recently been conducted on the effects of the overpopulation of deer. More...