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    National Battlefield Maryland

Flood Plains

Flood in September 2003

Flood plains are the areas of land adjacent to rivers that are regularly inundated with water when the river floods. Due to the Monocacy River, which runs through the park, flood plains are an important landscape feature at the battlefield. At the time of the battle floodplains were utilized as farmland and there were few areas of native plant-life along the rivers. Today, there are large forested areas along the rivers that act as a buffer between agricultural fields and waterways. These buffer zones reduce the amount of erosion along river banks and absorb nutrient and sediment runoff from neighboring fields.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

White-tailed deer are found in abundance on the battlefield. The rising population of deer has an intense affect on the herbaceous and woody plants found within the park, and several studies have recently been conducted on the effects of the overpopulation of deer. More...