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Traveling Trunks

Union Major General Lew Wallace

Local teachers who are unable to bring their classes to the battlefield can take the battlefield to their classes … in a trunk!* An educational kit is available for loan free of charge. It is designed to engage fifth- through eighth-grade students in an exploration of the Civil War using the Battle of Monocacy as a focus. Designed for one, three, or five-hour lessons, the kit includes a Teacher’s Guide and Read Along Book. It involves a role-playing activity that encourages group discussions on ethical issues, and has been field tested by teachers and students.

Through the use of this kit, students will learn about:

  • The primary events that comprised the Battle of Monocacy, including significant events that preceded and followed it.
  • How individual experiences of civilians and soldiers of all ranks provide meaningful insight into the Battle of Monocacy.
  • How the battle affected the local community.
  • Jubal Early’s 1864 campaign into the North and how the Battle of Monocacy became their only victory before they crossed back into the South for the last time.

Call 301-662-3515 to reserve the trunk.

*Please note: This kit has two parts and requires a van or station wagon for safe transport. It is the teacher’s responsibility to pick-up and return the kit. Due to the size/weight of the components, we are unable to ship this “travelling trunk.”

Did You Know?

Monocacy Junction, 1917

The "Y" at Monocacy Junction, completed in 1830, allows trains to turn around. It was the first of its kind in the United States, and is still in use today.