• Kelso Mountain


    National Preserve California

Desert Light Gallery at Kelso Depot

Mojave Magenta by Eric Rosenwald

Mojave Magenta

Eric Rosenwald

Desert Anomalies: Marvels of Mojave's Isolated Wilderness
The photography of Eric Rosenwald
January 10, 2015 to March 28, 2015

Since the turn of the last century, transcontinental railroads have promoted rail travel to national parks by producing framed prints and advertising art that depicts the beauty of these national treasures. The tradition of close ties between the railroads, art, and national parks continues at the Desert Light Gallery in Kelso Depot Visitor Center.

Eric Rosenwald developed this collection while backpacking in some of the most remote areas of the Mojave Desert. Eric shares his discoveries in Desert Anomalies:Marvels of Mojave's Isolated Wilderness.

Eric has worked in music engineering and production and is currently pursuing a career as a full-time photographer. Most of his work takes place in the wilderness of the Mojave Desert. Eric lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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