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There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Lower speed limits are temporarily in effect until road damage can be repaired

    The Superintendent has temporarily reduced the posted speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph on all roads within the preserve as road crews work to repair damage from recent heavy rains. Call 760 252-6108 for more information.

  • Watch for storm damage on all roads

    Recent storms have caused flash flooding and damage to roads. Reduce speed and use caution when traveling through the park after storms. Call 760-252-6100 or 760-252-6108 for updates. Check our Current Conditions page for information on specific roads. More »

Mojave National Preserve Mobile Map

Note: Mobile Map should only be used in conjunction with a paper map - not in place of one!

Follow the steps below to get the Mojave National Preserve Mobile Map on your Apple device:


1. Download the App from the iTunes store. Search for "ARCGIS". The icon will look like this.

After the app has been downloaded, start the app. A simple world map will appear.


2. On the top of the map there will be a menu bar. Select the icon shown to the right.

3. Select "ArcGIS Servers"

4. Click "Add ArcGIS Server"

5. For the initial setup, two steps will need to be performed:

a. Enter the server address exactly as it appears
below in the "Address" field:

b. Enter the optional description field and press

The server is now available to use.

6. Select the server to view a list of available map services. From this list select your desired service to add it to the map. The map with features should now be visible.


Notes on working with the map:

  1. On the bottom right hand side of the map there are two buttons.

    a. The first icon will center the map around your physical location.

    b. The second icon will provide you with a legend, details about the mobile service and a content tab that will allow you to turn on and off layers as well as change the base map.

2. The top of the map contain basic tools for
measurement, searching, and a bookmark

3. To return to the mobile services page, select
the button on the top left of the screen.

Did You Know?

photo of deer hunters

Park or preserve? Like other parks with the designation of "national preserve," Mojave National Preserve is managed under the same guidelines as national parks. The main difference is that hunting is allowed in national preserves, but not in national parks.